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Applied human factors engineering in the posture analysis on mass transport system
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Mass Transport System (MTS), as a main component of public transport, becomes a critical part of daily life. As the frequently use of MTS, people spends amount of time waiting and riding MTS. Therefore, the requirement of comfort in waiting and riding begins to highlight its importance. In order to meet this requirement, human factors engineering, which aims to enhance safety and comfort in man-machine system, can be applied. Through the studying of passenger‟s posture and behavior, the waiting and riding comfort can be evaluated. In this study, the scientific and systematic methods were adopted to investigate the posture analysis of waiting and riding MTS passengers with in different conditions. In the waiting MTS experiment, two common standing postures--upright standing and leaning against wall—with two tasks—watching projector screen and watching mobile phone--were studied. The pressure mapping system was applied to collect the foot pressure distribution. A new classification method of asymmetrical standing with using single pressure mat was provided. Moreover, Center of pressure (CoP) displacements changes and CoP patterns were analyzed. In the riding MTS experiment, the effects of different grab pole height and different seat design in dynamic situation have been studied. The result of study indicated that subjects performed significantly difference between different experiment conditions. These findings also provided specific suggestions to enhance passenger‟s comfort by modifying the station design.
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Chen, Qi Li
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Human engineering
Electromechanical Engineering -- Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Wong Seng Fat
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