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Design, analysis and evaluation of a novel quarter car test rig
English Abstract
Design, Analysis and Evaluation of a Novel Quarter Car Test Rig by DENG RUI M-B2-5543-4 Supervisor: Prof. Wong Pak Kin Co-supervisor: Dr. Xie Zhengchao Department of Electromechanical Engineering The quarter car test rig (QCTR) offers great opportunities to the test of the vehicles, subsystems and components. In view of the drawbacks of the traditional QCTRs, this thesis proposes a novel QCTR with a hybrid active air suspension (HAAS) system. The design of the QCTR can be divided into three parts: the HAAS system, the actuator, and the frame. In the design of the proposed HAAS, the real vehicle structure (e.g. wheel tire, joints, linkages) is considered. In addition, a cost effective actuator is used instead of hydraulic power system. To check the reliability of the components, the kinematic characteristic and the dynamic characteristic are assessed in the design of the actuator and frame. Finally, the proposed QCTR is fabricated and evaluated for laboratory application. The experimental data shows that the proposed QCTR is successfully developed and applicable to the test of the suspension system.
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Deng, Rui
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Electric automobiles
Automobiles -- Design and construction -- Data processing
Electromechanical Engineering -- Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Wong Pak Kin
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