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Design of all-in-one distributed e-learning system (ADES) using ubiquitous files
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Design of All-in-one Distributed e-Learning System (ADES) Using Ubiquitous Files by HOI, WENG IN, Youme Thesis Supervisor: Associate Professor Simon Fong Master of Science in e-Commerce Technology The early explorers into the new frontier were naturally computer scientists interested in teaching and learning [1]. The objectives of invention are for reducing teachers’ workloads, and at the same time, offering students plenty of interactive learning experiences. With the popularity of ubiquitous mobile gadgets nowadays, for example, electronic tablets, we design a ground-breaking e-Learning model based on the technical feasibility of ubiquitous file format (called U-File). A U-File, which is created by a so-called ADES system, is characterized by its portability across different communication platforms as well as its interactive functions embedded within. A recent study on e-Learning tools indicates their software designs do not stretch to pedagogy, and the pedagogical manner in which these tools are being used in teaching is left to the educators [2]. Therefore in this paper, we want to contribute some innovative concepts by using U-Files over several popular e-Learning models that show convenience and efficiency. Key words: e-Learning Model, Ubiquitous Files, Distributed
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Hoi, Weng In
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Computer and Information Science
Educational technology
Instructional systems -- Design
E-Commerce Technology -- Department of Computer and Information Science

Fong Chi Chiu
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