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Traducao automatica Chines-Portugues baseada na Gramatica Sincronica de Restricao :uma analise da locucao localizadora temporal
English Abstract
This thesis is integrated in the project Autema-Syntre and aims to analyze the machine translation of temporal localizer phrases from Chinese to Portuguese produced by the Portuguese-Chinese translator (PCT), developed at the University of Macau. As a rule-based automatic translator, the PCT applies Constraint Synchronous Grammar (CSG) on two-way translation between Chinese and Portuguese. The corpora of this research consist of 30 phrases in Corpus A and 100 phrases in Corpus B. All the phrases have their source text in Chinese and the target texts are composed of translations into Portuguese executed by PCT and humans. Our data analysis focuses on the translation of temporal localizer phrases, in other word, all the phrases containing the two Chinese Localizers: qian (front) and hou (back). Nevertheless, inconsistencies related to the translation of the two localizers are found in the output of the PCT when comparing it with the human translation. Based thereupon, 9 CSG rules are proposed in order to improve the performance of PCT. The sintactic rules are implemented in the PCT and subsequently evaluated by BLEU measure, which showed a positive result and represented an improvement in machine translation by the PCT.
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Lu, Chun Hui
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of Portuguese
Machine translating
Chinese language -- Translating into Portuguese
Chinese language -- Locative constructions
Direction in language
Translation Studies -- Department of Portuguese
Leal Ana Luisa Varani
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