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A leitura na traducao e na pos-edicao :um estudo processual chines-portugues
English Abstract
KEY WORDS: translation process research, Chinese and Portuguese translation and post-editing, reading, eye-tracking This dissertation is developed from the AUTEMA-Post-Editing project (MYRG-058-Y1-L2-FSH12-ALL), focusing on the exploratory-experimental translation work. Through this experiment, the objective is to analyze and describe the difference of cognitive effort between translation and post-editing task. The analysis of data is presented by means of fixation time and number of eyes between the source text and target text. This experiment of study has been done by seven translators who made casually translation and post-editing of two texts in Chinese and two texts in Portuguese. The collection of data was done through the Translog-II (Carl 2012), connected with an eye-tracker Tobii-T120 and retrospective verbal protocols and questionnaires. A quantitative analysis indicated that there are more fixations in the source text in the translation task than in the post-editing task; there are fewer fixations in the target text in the translation task than in the post-editing task; the translation task spends more time in the source text than the post-editing task and the post-editing task spends more time in the target text than the translation task. This work contributes to an deeper understanding of cognitive process in reading of translation and post-editing in Chinese-Portuguese language in favor of translation of research and teaching.
Chinese Abstract
关键词:翻译过程,翻译,译后编辑,阅读,眼动跟踪仪 本论文发展于澳门大学 Autema-PostEd 项目基础之上,主要进行翻译的实验探索性研究。 通过实验来分析并描述人工翻译和译后编辑过程中认知努力的不同。对数据的分析主要 通过在原文和目的文眼睛凝视的次数和时间来体现。本实验研究由七名翻译者分别对两 篇葡文文章和两篇中文文章进行随机的人工翻译或译后编辑,并通过 Translog-II(Carl 2010)与 Tobii-T120 眼动跟踪仪连接、口头反省(PVR)和问卷调查来对实验进行数据 收集。通过实录数据分析,指出在原文中的眼睛凝视次数比较中,人工翻译比译后编辑 多;在目的文中的眼睛凝视次数比较中,译后编辑比人工翻译多;在原文中眼睛凝视时 间的比较中,人工翻译比译后编辑多;在目的文中眼睛凝视时间的比较中,人工翻译比 译后编辑少。本研究希望能够对中葡翻译和译后编辑阅读的认知过程有更多的认识,有 利于翻译的研究和教学。
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Yao, Di
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of Portuguese
Translating and interpreting
Machine translating -- Research
Chinese language -- Translating into Portuguese
Portuguese language -- Translating into Chinese
Translation Studies -- Department of Portuguese
Leal Ana Luisa Varani
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