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A construcao imagetica do oriente :uma leitura de obras de Fernanda Dias
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The present work focuses on construction of the image of the East in the literary output of Fernanda Dias (1945 - ), as a Portuguese writer/poet. Following some reflections on Edward Said's theory of Orientalism and the process of constructing the images of the East in Portuguese literature, our attention is fixed on the reading of a corpus consisting of poems selected from the books of poetry Horas de Papel (1992), Rio de Erhu (1999) and Chá Verde (2002), as well as fictions chosen from her book of short stories Dias da Prosperidade (1998). We intend to demonstrate how the works of F. Dias figure in an interaction between the author and the Eastern world, accompanied with a process of reconstruction of her identity through the discovery of alterity. Failing to find any negative orientalism of Said style in the representations of the East of F. Dias, no representations, at the meanwhile, are restricted to a world extremely exotic or esoteric which was crystallized by most of her compatriots. This work gives us an opportunity to travel to the territory of Macau, filtrated by the lived experiences of F. Dias in this land, whose literary writings have a unique feature and individuality, without falling into the cliche based on a colective imagination concerning the East that is widespread throughout the Western world. Keywords: Orientalism, Portuguese literature, Macao, Fernanda Dias
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Yao, Cong
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of Portuguese
Dias, Fernanda, 1945-
Portuguese literature -- 20th century -- Macau
Portuguese Language and Culture (Linguistic Studies) -- Department of Portuguese

Costa Maria Fernandes Gil P.
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