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Internal marketing :perspectives of local residents on developing Macao into a world tourism and leisure center
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The number of tourists visited Macao in 2012 was over 28 million, more than 45 times of its local residents. Tourism has become a major industry that is leading economic growth and highly influencing everyday lives of people in Macao. In China’s12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, Macao was positioned to develop as a “World Tourism and Leisure Center”. There have been a lot of researches investigating tourists’ point of view on tourism and its impact, while studies on local residents’ perceptive of host destination and internal marketing are comparatively less. This thesis was inspired by the idea that internal marketing can help to improve external satisfaction and works on its application on tourism industry of Macao. In this study, three hypotheses were set to investigate the cause-and-effect relations between leisure satisfaction and quality of life, quality of life and perceived personal/social benefits on tourism, perceived personal/social benefits on tourism and supportiveness on tourism development of Macao local residents. To validate the hypotheses, quantitative research method was adapted. 300 randomly selected Macao local residents were interviewed with pre-designed questionnaire. 265 of them offered valid feedbacks. The collected data was conducted with statistical analysis including linear regression. All hypotheses were proved to be 4 sustained and significant relations were found between dependent variables and independent variables. It can be concluded that leisure satisfaction positively affected local residents’ quality of life, local residents’ quality of life positively affected their evaluation on benefit versus cost yielded from tourism, and the results generated from that evaluation positively affected their supportiveness on Macao being a “World Tourism and Leisure Center”. The contribution of this study was to provide a theoretical framework to examine the development of tourism industry with a local perspective, and it also helps the policymakers and practitioners in making strategies for local tourism development when they understand more about the values and thoughts of the internal market.
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Liao, Xue Yan
Faculty of Business Administration
Department of Management and Marketing
Tourism -- Macau
Quality of life -- Macau
Tourism and city planning -- Macau
Marketing & Strategic Management -- Department of Management and Marketing

So Siu Ian
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