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Impact of tourists' shopping experience on consumer satisfaction and loyalty :an empirical study on tourists' consumer behavior in retail industry
English Abstract
Consumption of tourists in retail industry is important economic resource for a city relied on tourism and this group has a special consumption behavior compared with local citizens and different from behavior in their home place. There are plenty of researches on tourism industry, while mostly focusing on the integrated attraction as a travel destination, treating tourists as service consumers and neglecting them as tangible products buyers. To overcome this research gap, this paper will examine tourists’ shopping experience in retail section and its influence on perceived consumer satisfaction. I hypothesize Sense, Feel, Think, and Relate experiences of tourists in shopping activities affect cognitive and affective satisfactions. Consumer loyalty has been confirmed to have tight connection with profitability. However, it needs further research on whether the tourists can be encouraged to create loyalty on shopping sites or brands in a tourism spot. This paper will test that customer satisfaction of shopping tourists has or has not significant contribution to consumer loyalty. The research will answer the question that whether providing a higher level of unique shopping experience for tourists is valuable to help upgrading tourist satisfaction, increasing positive word of mouth, attracting repeat purchases, and differentiating a firm from its competitors.
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Ge, Jun Wei
Faculty of Business Administration
Department of Management and Marketing
Tourism -- Management
Consumer behavior
Retail trade
Marketing & Strategic Management -- Department of Management and Marketing

SyChangco Joseph Adea
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