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Exploring the association between media access, consumption, and health literacy among college students
English Abstract
This study explores the association between college students‟ health information obtained through media and their level of health literacy. The successful sample was 295 college students in one of the universities in Macau. Students completed a paper-pen survey in November, 2014. The result shows: 1) more than half of the respondents do not have adequate functional health literacy and 2) the Internet is the first primary source of information for college students. There is a positive correlation between a student reporting receiving health related information from the Internet and print media and their scores in health literacy tests. Moreover, there is a positive correlation between students hearing health related information from broadcast entertainment programs and their scores in health literacy test. In conclusion, traditional media are still an effective source of information for college students and future studies should explore college students‟ understanding of health information through different media program modalities.
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Zhao, Hai Yi
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Communication
College students -- Macau
Medical care -- Macau
Mass media and education -- Macau
Communication and New Media -- Department of Communication

Chang Wen Yu
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