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Predicting positive and negative affect by needs satisfaction and worry :the moderating effects of Chinese values and endurance
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The purpose of this study was to examine Positive Affect and Negative Affect, their link with Worry, and Satisfaction with Physiological, Safety-security, Belongingness, and Esteem Needs, along with Chinese Values and Endurance as moderators in their relationships among Macau Chinese adults. A random community sample (N = 217) was approached in a busy district in Macau. Participants were asked to complete questionnaires measuring Positive Affect, Negative Affect, Worry, Needs Satisfactions, Chinese Values, and Endurance. Results indicated that Positive Affect was positively related to Needs Satisfaction; Negative Affect was positively related to Worry, and negatively related to Belongingness and Esteem Needs Satisfactions; Chinese Values moderated the impact of Belongingness Needs Satisfaction on Positive Affect; Endurance moderated both the impact of Safety-Security Needs Satisfaction on Negative Affect, and the impact of Esteem Needs Satisfaction on Positive Affect. As Chinese Values was found to be a significant moderator that functioned to strengthen the impact of Belongingness Needs Satisfaction on Positive Affect, this result suggests that Chinese Values is a protective variable against vulnerability of mental disorders by increasing the benefit of positive experiences.
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Ng, Lai Va
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Psychology
Positive psychology
Values -- China
Clinical Psychology -- Department of Psychology

Taormina Robert J.
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