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Anti-corruption versus scandal : a comparative analysis of media frames on newspapers in Mainland China and Hong Kong
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Through the 17 years from 1995 to 2012, three corruption cases in the Politburo of the Communist Party of China shocked the whole world and attracted global media's attention, in which Xitong Chen (1995), Liangyu Chen (2006) and Xilai Bo (2012) were the key representatives respectively. Series of news coverage of the three issues in mainstream media in Mainland China and Hong Kong provided a golden opportunity to do news frame analysis cross media system and cross time. This study combines the quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyze the news reports of the three corruption issues in mainland China (People’s Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily) and Hong Kong (Apple Daily and Ming Pao). Except the People’s Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily, the local newspapers in the three corruption cases, a party-government newspaper and a popular newspaper respectively were chosen as the samples. The results show that the Mainland China media prefer to use “anti-corruption” frame and Hong Kong media are more likely to use “power struggle” and “scandal” frames to report the three issues. Compared with the past, the numbers and V efficiency in Mainland China media reports have improved, but the stance of reports hasn’t changed substantially.
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Ma, Hui Jun
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Communication
Corruption -- China
Political corruption -- China
Mass media -- China
Mass media -- Hong Kong
China -- Press coverage
Hong Kong -- Press coverage
Chen Huai Lin
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