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English Abstract
The purpose of this study is to investigate a high school music teacher Ms. Ai Yue’s curriculum leadership. The aims of this study are: to understand the music teachers’ curriculum leadership role, task, and strategy; to analyze the music teachers' professional knowledge; to explore the quality and professional abilities which the music teacher as curriculum leader should have and at the same time had better to enhance. This study uses qualitative case study method. The sources of data are interviews, classroom observation and documents. The findings and conclusions of the study are as follows: In the aspect of the music teacher’s curriculum leadership roles, tasks, and strategies: Firstly, as the school music teacher, she dutifully gives each class to students. Secondly, as a music teaching and research staff in Dongcheng District, this music teacher tried her best to train other young teachers in order to cultivate the successors from next generation. Thirdly, as a art director , she not only led the school chorus, school music bands go abroad perform, but also went into the community and army to carry out mass activities for the elderly, the troops and teachers. Fourthly, as a curriculum leader, she has build up a harmony relationship with her leaders, colleagues and students. So the curriculum leadership roles that she plays, as many scholars said, are "initiator", "advocate", "facilitator", and "instructor". Her work and leadership strategies includes "course evaluation", "promoting teachers' professional development", "supervision, assessment and check", and "community participation and the development of public relations". Meanwhile, she sincerely hopes the local governor could provide enough support on financial, facilities in order to develop music education. In the aspect of the music teacher's professional knowledge and skill: Firstly, she loves teaching and her students as well, and she is an expert on music history and culture and she keeps on making progress. Secondly, for her professional competence, she really has superb singing ability, as well as delicate music processing. She is good iv at playing the piano, conducting, orchestrating, mastering music theory and ear training. Thirdly, for the teaching and writing abilities, through her various awards can be seen, she has the good ability on teaching design, and she uses flexible teaching methods. She has written and published a number of music papers. Besides, she tried to design integrated curriculum very early and trained students in a comprehensive way. Fourthly, she has her own unique view on curriculum and innovative tool of evaluation. Based on her many years of teaching experience, she summed up the unique view of curriculum. Her self-created teachers’ observation and evaluation form was also adopted as the region's unified observation and evaluation tool. Fifth, she also talked about the feedback for teacher assessment system. She hops that music can be added as a required subject in the Senior High School Entrance Examination and the National College Entrance Examination, and the curriculum sould be taught according to national unified textbooks, besides, the examination should follow some standards. In the aspect of the quality and professional abilities which the music curriculum leader should have and enhance: First of all, the case teacher thought that music teachers today had better enhance moral quality, teaching design ability, writing music thesis ability and social activities. Besides, she gives the new teacher some tips and suggestions on teaching methods. Secondly, after integrating the literature and interviews and documents which I have gathered, I assume that teacher should not only take the initiative to seek the teaching resources and to be a "research-type" teacher, but should pay more attention to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive ability and the continuity of their learning toward future. Finally some related suggestions for music teacher’s leadership in practical, policy and research are made.
Chinese Abstract
本研究是對一位中學音樂教師—愛樂老師的課程領導的研究,研究目的 是:(一)瞭解個案音樂教師的課程領導角色與工作等內容;(二)分析個案 音樂教師的專業知能;(三)瞭解身為課程領導的愛樂老師對當今音樂教師提 出的看法。本研究採用質性的個案研究方法,通過訪談、教室觀察和文件分析 等方式進行資料的蒐集。研究發現與結論如下: (一)在個案音樂教師課程領導角色與工作方面。愛樂老師作為課程領導 的職務不同,所擔任的角色也不盡相同。第一,作為學校音樂教師,她盡職盡 責上好每一節課;第二,作為東城區音樂教研員、學校音樂教研組組長,她努 力培養骨幹教師、帶動教師發展專業、制定教學計劃、做好培育接班人的工 作;第三,作為藝術指導,她不僅帶領本校的合唱隊、管樂團走出國門,還先 後深入社區走進營房為老年人、部隊官兵及教師開展群眾性的文體活動;第 四,做為音樂教師課程領導者,在工作中她與領導、同儕以及學生關係融洽、 和諧,她爲了給高校輸送優秀音樂人才首創高考音樂班,得到校領導的支持與 廣泛的好評。所以,她的課程領導角色如眾多學者所說的「帶動者」、「倡導 者」、「激勵者」、「教導者」等,工作內容及領導策略包括「評鑒課程」、 「促進教師專業發展」、「監督、評價與檢核」、「社區參與和公共關繫的發 展」等。同時,她也殷切希望學區能給予二類校充足的財政支持,完善硬件設 施,發展音樂教育。 (二)在個案音樂教師的專業知能方面。第一,在精神與文化上,她熱愛 教育事業、愛學生,對於音樂歷史文化瞭如指掌,並且不斷進取;第二,在音 樂專業能力上,她演唱水平高超、音樂處理細膩,在鋼琴、指揮、配器、掌握 音樂理論基礎知識及視唱練耳等方面更是遊刃有餘;第三,在教學與寫作上, ii 通過她獲得的各種獎項可以看出,她具備很好的教學設計的能力、教學法運用 靈活、熟悉現代教育技術的運用、撰寫並發表了多篇音樂論文,更重要的是她 很早就實踐學科綜合、全面培養學生能力;第四,她有自己獨特的課程觀和創 新的評價表;根據多年教學經驗,她總結出很多教學觀點和方法並以此為自己 的教學宗旨,她自創的教師評課表還被上級採用成為全區統一的評課表;第 五,她也談及了自己對於教改和職評制度的反饋,她希望音樂可以列入中考、 高考範圍,全國可以統一教材、統一考試標準。 (三)身為課程領導的愛樂老師對當今音樂教師提出了自己的看法。首 先,愛樂教師認為道德品質、教學設計能力、撰寫音樂論文的能力及社會活動 的參與情況是當今教師有待提高的。她還在教學方面給新老師一些提示與建 議。其次,筆者綜合了文獻、訪談及文件資料後認為,老師要主動爭取教學資 源、做一名「研究型」教師,更要重視學生綜合能力的培養及與今後發展方向 的銜接。 最後根據研究發現,研究者對於教育實務工作、政策與後續研究提出相關 的建議。
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Faculty of Education
Music -- Instruction and study
音樂 古典音樂 西方音樂 -- 指導及學習
Curriculum planning
Educational leadership
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