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Collection of Contempory Ci Poetry published by Sze Yee Tui collected more than three hundred of Ci poets. According to the development of Ci poetry, it was divided into three to four generations. The Ci poet Sheng Pei of Republic of China belongs to the second generation, who was known as the backbone of that generation. Sheng Pei’s Vernacular word which uses the mode of new wine in old bottles(using old model to elaborate old contents) compromises the technique of Liberated form and Genre School, inherits and develops its style on the basis of Hu shi’s vernacular words to create his unique vernacular words. He not only uses the vernacular words but uses the text to compose his Ci-poetry on linguistic aspect. He uses straightforward and simple words to convey profound truth, makes extensive use of line-drawing approach to make the text dignified and natural. He also uses allusions to enrich the content. His most prominent capability is to use overlapping rhyme word, through which to create hundreds of Ci-poetries. In addition, his simple language also has humor and what’s more, strengthens the allegory in his works. In exchange of poems activities, he also embodies his unique creation features. Throughout the lifetime of his writing career, both his affection to the Ci Study and his enthusiasm to Ci Creation reflect on his enduring contribution to the development of Ci poetry.
Chinese Abstract
據施議對先生《當代詞綜》一書所收集三百余家詞人,按照詞業活動狀況分 為三至四代,民國詞人盛配居於第二代,被譽為第二代詞人的中堅力量。民國詞 人盛配其白話詞在融合了解放體和尊體派的手法上運用酒瓶新酒的模式,在吸收 胡適白話詞的基礎上進行繼承和發展,創作出獨具特色的白話詞。其詞在語言上 不但能以白話入詞,更能以文為詞,用平白樸實的話傳達出深刻的道理。在做法 上充分運用白描的手法寫的毫端鹵莽淡泊自然。他更能運用典故充實作品內容。 最突出的本領是其擅用疊韻詞,運用疊韻的手法接連創作出上百首詞。另外其樸 實的語言又不失幽默,在其作品中增強了諷喻。與友人的唱和中也體現其獨樹一 幟的創作特點。終其一生的創作生涯,其對詞學研究的鍾情,對詞學創作的狂熱 都體現在其對詞業不朽的貢獻之上。
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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Chinese
Sheng Pei, 1909-2001 -- Criticism and interpretation
盛配, 1909-2001 -- 評論及解釋
Ci (Chinese poetry)
詞 (中國詩詞)
Chinese Studies (Literature Studies) -- Department of Chinese
中國文學 -- 中文系
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