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海宴話語音研究 = A phonological study on Haiyan dialect
English Abstract
Haiyan Dialect is the main language used by Haiyan people in daily life. It is the local dialect of Haiyan town which is in the southwest Taishan City, Guangdong Province. So far, there is no relevant research or literature about Haiyan Dialect in the field of dialectology. Using the phonological system of Haiyan Dialect as the research object, this thesis makes a detailed description of the phonological system of Haiyan dialect through field work, and analyzes the changing regularity of the dialect by comparing it with Chinese phonology of middle ancient times, including initials, finals, and tones system. On this basis, the thesis makes a comprehensive comparison study of Haiyan Dialect, Taicheng Dialect and Guangzhou Dialect, which reveals the nature of Haiyan Dialect. The nature of Haiyan Dialect can be characterized as below: Haiyan Dialect possesses the basic features of both Yue Dielects of Guangdong (Guangzhou Dialect as representative) and Siyi Dialects (Taicheng Dialect as representative). But due to the differences in historical background and geography, Haiyan Dialect also has its own unique phonetic characteristics. For instance, the current pronunciation of initials of Duan series and Jing series in Haiyan Dialect; there is no [ɬ] in the initial system of Haiyan Dialect; as well as the phenomenon of all voiced consonants of Shang tones being categorized into Qu tones. Finally, the author concludes that Haiyan Dialect should be categorized into a subgroup of Taishan Dialect of Siyi Dialects, which can be called “Haiyan Subgroup”.
Chinese Abstract
海宴話是海宴鎮人民生活的主要語言。海宴鎮位於廣東省台山市西南部,海宴話就 是當地的方言。目前為止,方言學界還沒有關於海宴話的專著或相關文獻。本文現以海 宴話語音系統為研究對象,通過田野調查,對海宴話的聲韻調作詳盡的描寫,分析了海 宴話與中古聲母、韻母、聲調系統的對應規律,并在此基礎上,將海宴話與台城話、廣 州話的語音系統進行全面的對比研究,從而揭示了海宴話的語音特點,有以下幾點:海 宴話基本具備了廣東粵方言(以廣州話為代表)語音的基本特點,同時也具備了四邑片 方言語音(以台城話為代表)的基本特徵,但由於歷史文化背景以及地域上的差異,海 宴話還有著自身的鮮明的語音特徵,例如端系字和精系字的今音分化,雖地處四邑卻沒 有四邑片的舌邊清擦音[ɬ]聲母,聲調的全濁上歸去現象等。最後,筆者認為,海宴話 應該可以劃分為四邑片台山話下的一個方言小片,且稱之為海宴小片。 關鍵詞:海宴話、語音特點、台城話、廣州話
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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Chinese
Chinese language -- Dialects -- China -- Tai Shan City (Kuang Tung Province) -- Phonetics
漢語 -- 方言 -- 中國 -- 台山市 (廣東省) -- 語音學
Chinese language -- Dialects -- China -- Canton (Kuang Tung Province) -- Phonetics
漢語 -- 方言 -- 中國 -- 廣州 (廣東省) -- 語音學
Chinese language -- Dialects -- China -- Tai Shan City (Kuang Tung Province) -- Dialects
漢語 -- 方言 -- 中國 -- 台山市 (廣東省) -- 方言
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