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Temperament styles of children from Macao and Hong Kong
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Preferences for four bipolar temperament qualities (i.e., extroversion-introversion, practicalimaginative, thinking-feeling and organized-flexible styles) of 929 Chinese children from Macao and 592 Chinese children from Hong Kong, ages 8 through 17, first are described and then compared using the adapted version of the Student Styles Questionnaire (SSQ). Psychometric properties (i.e., internal consistency, retest reliability in 631 Chinese children from Macao, four factor model, and contrasted groups of personal qualities) of the SSQ are examined and deemed acceptable for four bipolar temperament interpretations. Children from Macao and Hong Kong Chinese children more frequently prefer introversion to extroversion styles, imaginative to practical styles, thinking to feeling styles, and flexible to organized styles. In contrast to Chinese boys, Chinese girls are more likely to prefer a feeling style. Chinese boys display a stronger flexible preference than Chinese girls. All four bipolar temperament styles display some age changes. Although Chinese children in Macao and Hong Kong do not differ on preference of extroversion-introversion styles, Chinese children in Macao express a stronger introverted preference than those in Hong Kong. Compared to a feeling style preferentially displayed among Chinese girls in Macao, Chinese girls in Hong Kong express balanced preference in thinking/ feeling style. Implications and limitations of the application of the findings and further study are discussed.
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Chan, Wing Yan
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Psychology
Temperament in children
Personality in children
Child psychology -- Macau
Child psychology -- Hong Kong
Clinical Psychology -- Department of Psychology
Zaroff Charles
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