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collective memories of Macau : from transportation and construction stamps (1949-1999)
English Abstract
In each country and region, the postal administration issues its own stamps. Stamps reflect the features of a country and region, just like a mirror. We can observe and discover the history, customs and social situation of that country or region from their stamps’ themes and designs. Some stamps have been issued to commemorate the birth or death of some historical characters or to celebrate the most important events and construction projects. We have noticed that the pictures and themes of some stamps displayed the nostalgic emotion, such as traditional transportation, old building, etc. These pictures have already appeared in stamps for several times in history. For example, in Macau, some stamps have the themes of sedan chair, fishing boat or some historical landscape. Because these stamps reflect the features of Macau, they embody the collective memories among Macau residents. Why can these stamps symbolify the collective memories and culture of Macau residents? It is because these stamps have such themes as traditional transportation and old building, which became a part of the common life of Macau residents. In daily life, they constantly approach and view these items, which become part of their life. Even if the environmental development and other factors make these things change, the stamps with their images will still linger in the mind of each of Macau residents. Stamps contain the collective memories of Macau residents. In this thesis, I have raised several important points about Macau’s stamps, postal service and the importance and function of collective memory to community. First, I will explain that reason that I have chosen the transportation and construction stamps as the topic of this thesis. Second, I will prove that there is a close relationship between collective memory and stamps and that many stamps can make Macau residents together as a community with the same identity. Third, I will provide the IV detailed information about the purpose of the stamp designers, the artictic method adopted for the stamps and their effect. Finally, I will discuss the important role of stamps in keeping the collective memory in Macau nowadays.
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Ng, Kuok Man
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of History
Postage stamps -- Macau
Postage stamps -- Macau -- History
Memory -- Social aspects -- Macau
Macau -- History -- 1949-1999
Macau -- History -- 20th century
Macau -- Social conditions
Wei C. X. George
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