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Covert school bullying among school students in Macao
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Bullying is a long-term, ubiquitously pervasive social issue. It exists among every society in the world, especially in schools between adolescents. In recent years, school bullying is becoming more and more widespread and serious, which has caused increasing concern from many societies, including Macao. Many researches have been done worldwide. However, so far, only a few of them were conducted in Macao. This research aims to explore the nature and prevalence of covert bullying in Macao, and identify possible policy and practice options for schools that are practicable, and provide a reference for further studies. In this research, a questionnaire survey for grade 5 to grade 12 students in the primary and the secondary school was conducted. In the present study, we examine what extent the students clear to the behaviours related to bullying acts, how students respond while being bullied, and the preliminary study also try to examine the students’ attitude towards school bullying issue. The research finds that, approximate 55% of the students who responded to our survey have general level knowledge towards school bullying; 57% of them did not do any bullying act to others. There is no big difference between boy and girl students on the bullying frequency, however, the girls are more likely to and have higher tendency in relational aggression than boys. The students of grade 5 and grade 6 are more likely to take the direct physical or face to face verbal aggression than early high school students. Telling teachers or staffs is the most common reaction while see others being bullied. Approximately 60% of students who reacted - 3 - to stay away from the person and place where bulling occurred. Not liking the person is the leading reason for student to involve bulling. In addition, this research also tries to give recommendations and possible policies to schools that are practicable, and as reference for the further studies.
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Iong, Sio Hong
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Sociology
Bullying in schools -- Macau
School violence -- Macau
Criminology -- Department of Sociology

Liu Jianhong
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