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English Abstract
In China, Chinese patent medicine not only has thousands years history with glorious cultural tradition, but also has a strong mass foundation. Many people will choose Chinese patent medicine as a priority when they get ill. However, some people don’t believe the effectiveness of Chinese patent medicine at all. Meanwhile, the security issues of Chinese medicine appeared one after another, with a large number of relevant negative reports of the social media, aggravated the problems even more. Therefore, all of these brought a lot of hesitation and confusion to Chinese patent medicine for the public. Through comparative analysis of multiple cases, based on social identity theory, combining the theories of sociology, communication and management science, the thesis aims to explore the social identity management strategies for Chinese patent medicine enterprises, from the perspective of social identity, and discusses the social identity interaction among the doctors, patients and the relevant enterprises. The result shows that social identity of Chinese patent medicine developed towards the direction of identity of western modern medicine, in aspects of the knowledge base, effect verification and function mechanism. The best-selling and the latest innovative Chinese patent medicines respectively adopted different management methods to cater this change. Enterprises’ behaviors are various, and the identities they hope to reach are more than the doctors’ identities to the enterprise. The enterprises should choose appropriate development strategies according to their own characters. This study introduces the concept of social identity at first, and discusses the blurry social identity to Chinese patent medicine in the part of literature. Then, based on the current problems of social identity faced by the Chinese patent medicine enterprises, the thesis selects both of the best-selling and the latest innovative Chinese patent medicines to analyze. From the view of social identity theory, compared different enterprises, the study sums up the changes of social identity to Chinese patent medicine between best-selling and the latest innovative medicines. Social identity is generated from the interaction of stakeholders. Accordingly, social identity to Chinese patent medicine is generated from the interaction among the enterprises, which act as the main factor, with doctors and patients. The thesis takes three representative Chinese patent medicine production enterprises as examples to study, namely Heilongjiang ZBD Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd, Tasly Group, and Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Factory. Through the comparative analysis to the cases, the thesis explores the situation of social identities among enterprises, doctors and patients. The results indicate that the doctors’ identities and enterprises’ behaviors don’t demonstrate one to one relationship, but the latter has more diversity. At last, combining the changes of identity, the thesis provides three suggestions for existing Chinese enterprises who is producing patent medicine. Firstly, they can introduce new dimension let people have a new vision of Chinese patent medicine. Secondly, they can reappraise the negative dimension. Thirdly, comparing with other one in group is also a good way to Chinese enterprises. Keyword:Chinese patent medicine;social identity;company strategy
Chinese Abstract
在中國,中成藥不僅擁有悠久的歷史文化傳統,而且擁有深厚的群眾基礎。 一部份群眾對中成藥深信不疑,會選擇首先使用中成藥。但是,也有一些民眾對 於中醫藥抱有完全不相信的態度,相繼出現的中藥注射劑安全問題,社會傳媒的 大量的負面報導更加劇了這一問題。因而民眾對於中成藥產生了遲疑和困惑。 本文通過多案例對比分析,基於社會認同理論,結合社會學、傳播學以及管 理學的相關理論,研究企業中成藥社會認同管理策略,并討論中成藥社會認同的 主體企業與醫生,患者等利益相關者社會認同互動關係。研究結果表明,中成藥 社會認同在知識基礎、效果驗證、作用機理上都有向著西方醫學的認同方向發 展,暢銷藥與創新藥採用不同的管理方法迎合這種改變;企業行為具有多樣性, 其希望達成的認同多餘其認為的醫生對於企業的認同;企業應根據自身特點選擇 合適的戰略規劃。 本研究首先闡述了社會認同的概念,在文獻中討論了中成藥社會認同的模 糊,基於中國中成藥企業現階段面臨的認同問題,選擇中成藥行業中暢銷藥品及 最新的創新藥品進行分析,從社會認同理論出發,結合不同企業比較,分析得到 中成藥的認同在暢銷藥與創新藥品之間的變化。 社會認同是在利益相關者的互動中產生的,中成藥的社會認同就是企業作為 社會認同主體與醫生患者之間的互動產生的。本论文選取了具有代表性的三家中 國中成藥生產企業,分別是黑龍江珍寶島、天津天士力、新疆制藥廠。通過對這 三個案例的對比分析,研究三家企業與醫生、患者的認同情況。研究結果表明, 企業認為醫生的認同與企業的行為並沒有顯示出一一對應的關係,企業行為具有 更多樣性。 最後,結合認同的變化,對現有企業對中成藥的社會認同管理策略提出了三 個方向的建議:在中成藥社會認同管理中可以引入新的維度、重新評價中成藥認 同的消極維度以及中成藥企業的認同管理可以轉向群體內比較。 關鍵字:中成藥;社會認同;企業策略
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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
Medicinal Administration -- Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
醫藥管理 -- 中華醫藥研究院
Patent medicines -- China
專利權藥物 -- 中國
Drugs, Nonprescription -- China
非處方藥物 -- 中國
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