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English Abstract
Safe and healthy product has become consumers’ demands,cosmeceutical is new healthy product for skin care. Chinese cosmeceutical market is the emerging market, however, it will demonstrate special features and potential once authorities have issue related regulations for cosmeceutical. With the greater demand from consumers, the low standard brand competition of cosmeceutical and the higher profit of cosmeceutical product, more and more Chinese enterprises with advantage of innovation and integration capabilities have raised concentration trying to develop cosmeceutical market. As China has great herbal medicines resource, Chinese companies have the rich experiences in developing herbal product,developing herbal cosmeceutical has become one of the crucial strategies by Chinese corporations. This study proposes that it has practical values to research on Chinese companies entering cosmeceutical market through summarizing the situation and characteristics of global cosmeceutical market based on systematic review, then explores the developing strategies for Chinese companies by revealing the business performance through annual report analysis of sampled companies and quantitative analyzing the questionnaire survey result from consumers at the sale terminals. We arrive at some conclusions by quantitative analyzing the questionnaire survey from the consumers. The factors influence the consumers’ awareness to cosmecetuicals including the price, the ingredients and the publicity of products. The factors influence the brand creation including the point of sales, the nature of firms and product category. Combined with the business case study, we sum up the developing strategies for Chinese companies, the one is about the product development strategy including paying attention to product promotion, focusing on R&D and etc., the other is about the brand creation strategy including training of pharmacists, designing brand and etc. Key words: cosmeceuticals, Chinese companies, developing strategy
Chinese Abstract
安全、健康的產品已經成為當今消費者共同的訴求,藥妝1是新興的肌膚護 理類健康產品。在中國,藥妝市場起步較晚還屬於新興的市場,但是專家認爲中 國藥妝市場有其獨特性和發展潜力,一旦國家有關部門正式出臺藥妝的相關法 規,中國的藥妝市場將有望得到空前的發展機遇。隨著中國消費者需求的加大, 加之藥妝品牌的競爭在中國市場上遠未達到壟斷,因此越來越多的相關企業開始 關注具有較大利潤的藥妝市場。中國擁有世界上獨一無二的中草藥資源,在中草 藥產品的開發方面中國的企業具有專業的研發技術背景、成熟的生産工藝及良好 的品牌形象,因此研發含有中草藥成份的藥妝產品被很多中國企業列入其未來的 新產品開發策略。 本研究通過對全球藥妝市場進行回顧,提出中國企業發展藥妝市場具有實際 的價值。并通過對終端消費者的問卷調查結果進行定量分析和對相關企業進行案 例分析提出中國企業開發藥妝市場的策略。 通過對消費者購買行為的問卷調查進行定量研究,得出影響消費者對藥妝認 知度的因素包括:產品價格和成份,消費者年齡和藥妝的宣傳途徑;影響藥妝品 牌塑造的因素包括:產品銷售場所,產品生產企業性質和產品種類。結合企業案 例分析提出了中國企業開發藥妝產品的策略:產品開發方面包括制定合理的價 格、注重中草藥成份藥妝的開發和宣傳、注重研發合作以提升研發實力、發揮企 業原有優勢的同時注重消費者的產品功能需求;品牌塑造方面包括銷售終端的完 善涵蓋場所的建立和藥師的培訓、藥妝品牌的設計及推廣等。 關鍵字:藥妝、中國企業、發展策略
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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
Medicinal Administration -- Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
醫藥管理 -- 中華醫藥研究院
Cosmetics industry -- China
化妝品業 -- 中國
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