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Design of integrated differential dual-band bandpass filter-antenna module
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For the modern wireless communication systems, the RF front-end circuits with function versatility and compact size attract great attention. In this thesis, the concept of integrated dual-band bandpass filter and antenna operated different frequencies is proposed and studied in both single-ended and differential structures. For the single-ended integrated filter-antenna (IFA) module, two three-port prototype IFA modules have been analyzed and experimentally measured. The proposed dual-band bandpass filter and slot antenna can work independently on single substrate. Moreover, the spurious passband rejection of dual-band filter is achieved due to the band-gap effect of annular slot antenna for the second IFA module. On the other hand, based on the advantages of RF components in balanced structure, a differential dual-band bandpass filter with controllable transmission zeros is presented. The transmission zero conditions of asymmetric loaded parallel coupled-line (PCL) are derived. By terminating a stepped-impedance open stub on the symmetric plane, the common-mode transmission zeros of proposed differential dual-band filter can be relocated to realize about 40 dB in-band and 25 dB wideband common-mode suppression. Thus, with a pair of monopole antennas terminated on the symmetric plane, an innovative integrated differential dual-band bandpass filter-antenna module is proposed and simulated.
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Yang, Li
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electric filters, Bandpass
Radio frequency integrated circuits
Electrical and Computer Engineering -- Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Choi Wai Wa
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