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MFE 000School Counseling (SAMPLE) Qualitative research on sociocultural adaptation and psychological adjustment of Macau overseas returned students

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Abstract Sociocultural adaptation and psychological adjustment was found to be one of the adjustment processes during cross-cultural transitions when sojourners left their hometown and stayed in foreign cultures. However, some studies also stating that sojourners might experience the same or similar adjustment processes when they returned to their hometown. As more and more students chose to study abroad, these overseas students might also experience the similar phenomenon during reentry when they returned to work in native culture. Thus, the purpose of this current study was to explore on their social difficulties and psychological distress during reentry, meanwhile, exploring on the methods of how they coped with these problems. This current study used qualitative research method such as interviews to explore on sociocultural adaptation and psychological adjustment. Through interviews with five overseas returned students, it was concluded that participants did experience social difficulty and distress by summarizing their experiences into seven core themes: Differences, comparisons, awareness, changes, willingness, stress and distress. Meanwhile, the methods of coping with these difficulties and distress were then being summarized into four major categories: Work, time, adaptation and relaxation. All participants shared their experiences about social difficulty, while the experiences of psychological distress varied a lot between participants. The findings matched with the research purpose and research rationale that qualitative research could provide more in-depth findings which emphasized on individual differences.

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Lam, Sin Teng


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