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MFE 000Physical Education and Sport Studies (SAMPLE) Research on athletes' Wushu routine in anxiety and influence before competition

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Abstract Purpose: The emphasis on sports and its traditional culture has been taken seriously in China. This motive gives birth to the recent concern on the importance of Martial Arts development. When there is the growing concern on Martial Arts, the training of Martial Arts as national quintessence and the development of athletes with such essence become the focus. This emphasis induce anxiety to athletes especially when they are in competition. This research invited athletes of high schools and university students to serve as subjects. Athletes’ anxiety in pre-competition are being observed. The research expects to arrive on the understanding of such influence to their performance in competition and at the same time, it will be easy to develop appropriate training plan before the game. Methods: Questionnaires were used as method to collect information. Their age, grades, educational level, gender and training years were observed. In this study, 1000 questionnaires were issued with 536 questionnaires returned (N=291 males, N=245 females). The data return covered a wide range of subjects with different educational background and follow the numbers of return with 101 from junior high school, 137 from senior high school, 243 from undergraduate students and 44 from students with masters and 11 with doctorial level. The year of experiences in Martial Arts were different with 173 from the category of “second-level athletes”. Among the subjects, there were 170 obtained the category of “National level”. 80 were classified as “athletes” and 113 were “free-sports athletes”. The questionnaire contained three parts to investigate athletes' state anxiety, anxiety symptoms and factors affecting anxiety. Results: There was no difference in the state anxiety and anxiety symptoms with genders (p>0.05). Such anxiety differences found with significant in state anxiety and trait anxiety between athletes of different grades (p<0.05). Conclusion: Athletes with higher educational background and athletic level will have higher pre-competition anxiety. This information may indicate the need of review of training in athletes when they have attained a higher level of competitive experiences. Keywords: Competitive Martial Arts, Anxiety

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