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MFE 000Educational Administration (SAMPLE) 父母參與下的中國內地學生境外研究生教育選擇 : 以中國廣州為例

English Abstract

Abstract This study seeks to explore parental involvement in students' pursuit of graduate education overseas. Research framework is based on the (modified) synthesis model proposed by Chen (2007b) and it is modified it to better suit this particular study by the author. Applying a case study method, data were collected from 6 student-parents pairs who were all from Guangzhou, by conducting in-depth interviews. Findings demonstrate a high level of parental involvement in students' overseas college choice process although the degree to which parents involved varied in important ways. During the process, disagreements emerged mainly in the selection of host countries and institutions as students and their parents valued different factors. All these agreements were resolved through communicating with each other. Though some factors were valued by both students and parents, they were taken into consideration with different point of views. For example, parents rated "safety" the most important factor, trying to keep their children from any kind of danger by selecting the safest host country they perceived. However, students valued this factor just because they wanted to reassure their parents of their safety. Findings show that all the choices and decisions students had made were influenced by parental involvement. Therefore, subsequent suggestions are proposed to host countries and higher education institutions to better recruit overseas students. Key words: parental involvement, Mainland Chinese students, graduate education overseas, college choice factor

Chinese Abstract

摘要 本研究旨在探究父母參與下的中國內地學生境外研究生教育選擇。作者對 Chen(2007b)提出的修改的綜合模型進行改良,使之更貼合本研究以作為本研究 框架。本研究採用個案研究法,通過與 6 位廣州高校的廣東籍畢業生及其父母 進行半結構式深度訪談收集資料。通過分析發現,父母在子女碩士階段的境外 選校的參與方式多樣,總體而言參與程度較高。選校過程中,學生及其父母的 分歧主要出現在對留學目的地和院校的選擇上,體現為各自看重不同的因素, 但溝通交流最終都能解決分歧。有時即使考慮相同的因素,父母與子女的出發 點亦有所不同。例如父母最重視安全因素是希望通過選擇認知中最安全的留學 目的地,保障子女安全。而學生看重安全因素則是單純想減輕父母對自己安全 的擔憂。而父母在選校過程中的參與對學生在整個選校過程中的選擇都產生了 不同程度的影響。最後,根據研究結果提出了可行性建議希望幫助向對輸入留 學生國家和地區以及高等院校更好地招收海外學生。 關鍵詞:父母參與;中國內地學生;境外碩士課程;選校因素

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