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MFLL 000Juridical Sciences (Chinese Language) (SAMPLE) 澳門性犯罪的立法, 改革及發展 = The legislation, reform and development of sexual crimes in Macau

English Abstract

I would like to thank the authors, translators and related people who provided reference. Appreciation also goes to Professor Iau Teng Pio for his patient assistance in this research. The purpose of the study is to examine the legislation, reform and development of Sexual Crimes in Macau. The first chapter is an overview of legislation of sexual crimes in Macau’s criminal law. It outlines the system of criminal law in Macau, which includes its origin, history and background. Follows the evolution of sexual harassment from one’s property to human rights related to the law and background of sex crimes in historical records. Though it seems nothing related to law revision, I think It is important to understand the origin of sex crimes for my further study. Besides, it distinguishes the difference between sexual freedom and sexual self-determination in essence. The main points of all sexual crimes in Macau will be summarized at the end of first chapter. Second chapter is the major content of this article, also the most challenging part. I hope that I can sort out the progress of legislative reform and clearly presented in details. To begin with the consultant paper of Macau government, making revised version through suggestions from community, analyzing each item, listing reasons for every modification and comparing contrast of law articles. This progress is to make it clear to readers better understand changes involved in legislative reform. The compared version of law revision will be attached in the end of the paper. The changes of general and detailed policy in Legislative council was made after consultation. I have to say that there is an interesting variation between members of Legislative council and Macau government regarding to their opinions and suggestions, though their direction is the same, the thoughts in principle and legal logic have different opinion. The last chapter is the summary and comparison of law revision, reviewing each correction and make comments. Meanwhile, the analysis is made in the view of the development and need of society rather than legal principle, which I find it more interesting from brand new perspective. It is my honor If readers enjoy reading this content, which adds value in the research topic. In the last second part of the article, the more I learn about the sexual crimes system, the more I feel dissatisfied with its principle which falls behind for over twenty years. Fortunately, the government realized the problems and made adjustment, and that’s how this research topic is formed. In the future, I hope the legislation reform can get with the society. As long as we have the determination and the right path, even if it needs a drastic revision, we need to face and solve all the problems for beneficial a long-term social development and value.

Chinese Abstract

本人先對所有提供參考資料的作者、譯者以及相關人仕作出致謝,以及感謝邱庭彪教授對本人摘寫此文章之耐性。 第一章為澳門刑法中性犯罪立法的概述,先簡略地為澳門的刑法體制作出簡述,包括其由來、淵源、歷史及背景。其後寫了自歷史有記載以來,有關性犯罪的法律及背景作出簡述,由東至西,自古至今,將性犯罪的侵害客體由財產演變成人的權利的經過。看似與修法無關,但本人認為了解性犯罪的淵源也是不可或缺的。此外,就澳門對性自由及性自決這兩種看似相似,但實質不同的兩種法益作出區分。在第一章的末節,對澳門有關性犯罪的罪名作出扼要說明。 第二章為本文的主要內容,也是最難以整理的部分,本人期望能將整個立法修法的有機過程,從文字中呈現出來。本人已盡力地將整個過程的開端,由政府起草的諮詢文本開始,其後在接收各界聲音和意見後作出的修正,透過逐項分析、列出修改的理由以及條文的對比,令大家能參與及明瞭當中發生的變化。而有關修法前後及相關法律條文的對比,將以附註形式出現在文章的最後部分。 不得不提的是,在諮詢前後、立法會的一般及細則性通過階段,是作出了一系列的修改。這是一個很有趣的變化,立法會各議員的見解與政府的修訂建議,大方向總是相同,但卻有一些原則或法理邏輯的不同見解相左。透過文件的反映,這個互動的過程令修法程序,在社會聲音和政府意見磨合後,再次活動起來。 第三章是本人針對最後的修訂文本,即現行的規定與以往的規定作出總結及對比,並以每一變化的部分作為標的,作出分析及評論。當中某些分析未必是法律上的分析,甚至是本人認為已偏離法理分析。而該等分析內容,本人認為是有趣的,也是相對較為通俗或更貼近社會發展及需要,甚至有可能令閣下(閱讀者)是會感到新奇或有趣的觀點。如果閣下欣賞這些內容,本人將感到光榮,以及自認對此研究題目建立了某種特定的價值。 到了文章的後半部分,可能因為接觸得久,了解更深,故對二十多年對這落後的性犯罪制未作任何修法而感到不滿。幸好,最後政府還是正視了問題,才有這篇文章的題材。 未來,希望各種修法能與時並進,只要大家都具有決心及方向正確,哪怕是連根拔起的修改,只要是對社會發展有利、有價值,即使是多大困難,也要去面對,去解決。

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