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"侵權責任法" 視角下純粹經濟損失的保護 = The protection of pure economic loss by Tort Law

English Abstract

Abstract Due to the lack of systematic theory and clear legal provisions, the protection of pure economic loss in China has always been a problem. As a result, there are a lot of controversies both in theory and practice. A lot of research on this issue still remain in the relatively empty level, the discussion of pure economic losses should not revolve around the conclusion of full or unqualified compensation at present. This article explored a reasonable relief path from the legislative reality by holding a pragmatic attitude. With the development of social economy in China, the social connection has become more complicated, and the legal consciousness of citizens has been further strengthened. In recent years, the number of cases of pure economic loss has increased obviously. The handling of such cases is a major problem that China's judicial system needs to face. After the promulgation of the Tort Law, the relief of pure economic loss has been more clearly, it is very necessary to do a systematic analysis on the basis of the Tort Law. This paper started from the essence of the pure economic loss, then analyzed the protection of rights and interests in theory, and then sorted out the current laws and regulations in China on the pure economic loss. After that the writer found out a selective compensation method for China combined with foreign law approach and the basic positon of practice cases .The so-called selective compensation is based on the recognition that the pure economic loss can be compensated , and the judging of a case should be protected or not by considering legal factors and social ethic factors, the purpose is to balance the interests between perpetrator and the victim , and also maintain social fairness and justice. Key Words: Pure economic loss , Selective protection , Exclusion rule of liabilities , Distinguish protection

Chinese Abstract

摘要 由於缺乏系統的理論和明確的法律規定,在我國純粹經濟損失的保護一直以來就是一個難題,無論是理論還是實務中都存在很大的爭議。很多關於這個問題的研究還是停留在比較空洞的層面,純粹經濟損失的討論到目前這個階段不應該圍繞全賠或者全不賠的結論展開,本文將秉著實用主義的態度,從立法實際出發,探討純粹經濟損失的合理救濟路徑。 隨著我國社會經濟的發展,社會的聯繫呈現複雜化狀態,公民的法律意識進一步增強,近年來純粹經濟損失案件數量明顯增多,對此類案件的處理已經 是我國司法系統需要面對的重大問題。《侵權責任法》頒布之後迎來了純粹經濟損失救濟的春天,在此基礎上進行一次系統性的探析顯得十分必要。 本文從純粹經濟損失的本質入手探討,再對權利與利益的保護進行了理論上的分析,然後梳理了中國現行法律法規中關於純粹經濟損失的蹤影,再結合域外法的處理方式和實踐案例的基本立場綜合分析得出了適合中國現狀的選擇性賠償方式。所謂選擇性賠償是在承認純粹經濟損失可賠的基礎上,綜合法律上的因素和社會倫理的因素在個案中評價具體的案情是否應當保護,其目的在於平衡行為人與受害人之間的利益,維護社會的公平和正義。

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Damages -- China

損害; 損害之法規 -- 中國

Torts -- China

侵權行為 -- 中國



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