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紀律程序中之調查權 = Investigation powers in disciplinary action

English Abstract

In order to ensure that the activities of the public administrative authority shall fulfill the fundamental standards of fairness, justice and lawfulness, the civil servants in the public administrative authority, including the public servants, assistants, directors and chiefs who work in the government departments and the other institutions that are beyond the government departments, must comply strictly with the obligations related to their duties, also named as "discipline". Once the public servant and assistant violate the mandatory obligations or disciplines, the Macau Authority must file disciplinary actions against them, thus investigate the relevant disciplinary facts and apply the respective disciplinary punishment on them. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the scope and limitation of the power of the Macau Authority in the investigation stage of such disciplinary action. The decision of disciplinary punishment made by the Macau Authority to the misbehaving public servants and assistants is basically an administrative act, the rules of investigation powers in disciplinary action is stipulated in current “Regulation of Public Servants of Public Administration of Macau”, whereas the Macau Criminal Procedure Code shall apply as supplementary norms. This thesis shall focus to analyze the investigation methods that can be carried out by the administrative authority and the respective legal grounds. Keywords: Disciplinary action, Macau, Investigation power

Chinese Abstract

澳門公共行政工作人員,包括在行政當局及不屬於公共行政當局之實體内工作的公務員及服務人員、領導及主管人员,除了必须在上级的支配及領導下工作,亦必须遵從嚴格的職務上義務(亦稱為“纪律”),以確保澳門當局的活動和行為達到公平、公正、合法的基本標準。當公務員及服務人員違反法定的職務上義務或纪律,澳門當局必须對其提起紀律程序以調查有關違紀事實及對其科處纪律處分。本文旨在分析澳門當局在紀律程序的調查階段的權力範圍。澳門當局對違反紀律的公務員及服務人員作出的紀律處分决定本質上屬於行政行為,而紀律程序在調查取證方面一般適用現行《澳門公共行政工作人员通则》,並補充適用刑事訴訟法的規定,因此本文重點分析行政當局在纪律程序中可以運用的調查方法及其法律依據。 關鍵字:紀律程序,澳門,調查方法

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Faculty of Law




Criminal investigation -- Macau

刑事偵查 -- 澳門

Sanctions, Administrative -- Law and legislation -- Macau

行政處罰 -- 法規 -- 澳門



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