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Mobile product purchase and payment through QR Codes /

English Abstract

Mobile Product Purchase and Payment through QR Codes by Tong Meng Io Thesis Supervisor: Prof. JingZhi Guo Master of Science in E-Commerce Technology Nowadays, many and many companies are willing to utilize the advantages of e-commerce to expand their business and increase the profit. However, many traditional companies and existing shopping places, like vendor machines, car parking, and corner shops still need manual selections and cash payments due to different aspects of factors. Thus, buying and paying products or services anywhere is an important research topic in e-commerce. In this thesis, a standardized product and service representation is explored, such that there is a standard gateway to any product and service so as to enable shopping and obtaining services anywhere. The proposed approach to a standardized product and service representation is to store URL with UNSPSC integration through QR Code. Based on this approach, the related mobile product purchase and payment through QR Code mechanism is proposed and can be implemented in the proposed architecture.

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Tong, Meng Io


Faculty of Science and Technology




Internet marketing

Mobile commerce

Mobile communication systems


Guo, Jing Zhi

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