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Research on quality traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine based on two-dimensional code

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The industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), from the production of raw materials to the sale of their finished products, is a complicated multilink process. It is an absolutely important task to ensure the safety, effectiveness, stability and control of the quality of TCM in the whole process. Chemical fingerprints is a comprehensive and quantified testing method. It can be constructed based on systematic research on the chemical constituents for the evaluation of authentication, reliability, and stability of TCM and their semi-finished products. It has now become a main method for quality determination and is noted in Chinese Pharmacopoeia. This study aims at how to convert chemical fingerprints and other quality information of TCM into two-dimensional code, and propose the concept of "2D code of TCM quality". Based on this concept, a prototype system for quality traceability of TCM was established. From the perspective of quality traceability, the TCM production process is decomposed into "quality unit" and "key quality unit", and the concept of "quality snapshot" of Chinese medicine is put forward. Based on the concept of "quality unit", the structure of quality traceability system of TCM based on the quality two-dimensional code is given. The related technologies of "2D code of TCM quality", such as chemical fingerprints conversion technology, mobile phone identification technology, and relevant algorithms and processes was proposed. iii In this study, we have completed two experiments of converting the chemical fingerprints of TCM into 2D code, one experiment for 2D code recognition, and one experiment for the prototype implementation of TCM quality traceability system. It includes the following potential contributions: Firstly, the concept of “2D code of TCM quality” is proposed and the structure of TCM quality traceability system is designed. Secondly, GTCA2Bytes, LIACSA and DMC algorithms are proposed in the study of 2D code conversion and 2D code recognition. Thirdly, we have made a similarity comparison between chemical fingerprints using the smart phone APP and prior work using professional equipment with preinstalled software. Finally, through the provision of service platform and smart phone application, the quality of TCM traceability prototype system is implemented, which facilitates the quality traceability of consumers. With the technological breakthrough of chemical fingerprints of Chinese traditional medicine into two-dimensional code, it is feasible to make quality traceability system of TCM based on "2D code of TCM quality". This traceability system can trace not only the change of the chemical composition of TCM but also the external quality information of TCM, such as the source, planting, fertilization, pesticide, processing, logistics, etc..

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Cai, Yong


Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Materia medica -- China -- Analysis

Pharmaceutical industry -- China -- Quality control




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