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隱晦的 "詩歌革命" : 郁達夫舊體詩的風格意蘊及現代闡釋 = Obscure "poetry revolution" : Yu Dafu's classical poems and its modern interpretations

English Abstract

As the famous writer of modern China, Yu Dafu's old style poem is the most typical representative of creating ancient Chinese poetry. This papered, based on the old poems of Yu Dafu, carries on the style and modern interpretation of the old poems, including: The first part is Introduction This paper briefly describes the significance, method and conception of this paper, and paves the way for further discussion. The second part is the creative background of Yu Dafu 's old style poems This paper summarizes the overall creative situation of Yu Dafu 's old style poems, and tries to restore a rich historical space with the background of the old poetry of modern literature, and then combined with the works and create the same period. The third part is the creative style of Yu Dafu 's old style poems Based on the detailed content of the poem, the paper explores the type and forming process of Yu Dafu's old style poem. Combined with writers life experience, but change and development of the creative process were analyzed, and the formation of Yu Dafu but artistically unique spirit, explore the characteristics of him. The fourth part is interpret Yu Dafu 's old style poems' modern consciousness This paper analyzes the modern consciousness of Yu Dafu 's old style poems from the aspects of subject identity and power discourse, shaping of modernity, self - dramatization and popular tendency. And then explain the tension between tradition and modernity in modern context, and feel the possibility of the study style poetry. This is the most novel and important part of this study. The fifth part is the re-evaluation of the old style poems and cultural values under the new period Reaffirming the great historical significance of the May Fourth New Literature, and focusing on the exchanges and dialogues between the old and new poems, extending for the microcosmic form of the old style poems and extending to the cultural and political level, exploring the profoundness of the old-style poems to the present society Inspiration and influence.

Chinese Abstract

作為中國現代的著名作家,郁達夫的舊體詩是中國現代文學舊體詩創作中最 典型的代表。本文以郁達夫舊體詩為研究對象,對其舊體詩進行風格意蘊及現代 闡釋,主要內容包括: 第一部分:緒論 簡要說明本文的研究意義、方法和立意,為後文進一步的論述作鋪墊。 第二部分:郁達夫舊體詩的創作背景 概述郁達夫舊體詩的總體創作狀況,以現代文學舊體詩存在狀態為歷史背景, 進而結合作品,以及同期文人的創作情況,力圖還原一個豐富的歷史空間。 第三部分:郁達夫舊體詩的創作風格 結合詩作的具體內容,在瑣碎龐雜的舊體詩作品中加以提煉,探究郁達夫舊 體詩風格的類型和形成過程。結合作家人生經歷,舊體詩創作的發展和變化過程 進行分析,對郁達夫舊體詩形成的獨特精神氣韻進行解讀,發掘郁達夫舊體詩創 作風格的特質。 第四部分:郁達夫舊體詩的現代意識解讀 從主體身份與權力話語、現代性的塑造、自我戲劇化與大眾傾向三方面,對 郁達夫舊體詩的現代意識進行分析論述。進而闡釋現代語境下傳統與現代之間的 張力,感受其舊體詩研究方式的另一種可能,這是本文研究最為新穎和重要的部 分。 第五部分:新時期觀照下的舊體詩與文化價值重估 重申五四新文學發生的巨大歷史意義,並注重新舊詩歌間的交往與對話,從 舊體詩的微觀形態延伸及擴展至文化與政治的層面,探究舊體詩對當今社會更為 深刻的啟發與影響。

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Yu, Ta Fu, -- 1896-1945 -- Criticism and interpretation

郁達夫, -- 1896-1945 -- 評論及解釋



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