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A visao dos Portugueses na Monografia de Macau

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In this thesis we try to analyze the view of the Portuguese in Monografia de Macau, the first work in Chinese that describes systematically the geography, history, politics and society of Macau. Monografia de Macau is considered a local chronicle, which is unique to China. Local chronicle can be divided into four classes, and have thier own characteristics, values and limitations. The work was finished in the 18 th Century, by Yin Guangren e Zhang Rulin, the Sub-prefects of Macau, with lots of descriptions on the appearance, clothes, eating habits, customs, buildings, products, religions and language of the Portuguese in Macau of that period. As the first European who arrived in China in the 16 th Century, the Portuguese had monopolized the lucrative trade between the West and the East for a long time. However, in the 18 th Century, Macau suffered a trade depression, because of the Chinese government’s policies, a recession in Portugal, and the fierce competition with other Western powers. Facing this change of the international situation, Macau turned into a place of residence and a transit point for Western businessmen, travelers and missionaries. Thus, this multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural city became the focus of the Europeans’ travel diaries and works. They observed the geography, economy and architecture of the city, and paid much attention to its particular politics. As Macau was governed by the Portuguese and the Chinese, both possessed their own policy, and there were always conflicts between the two parties. Macau, one of the first ports of China for foreign trade, also plays an important role in the cultural exchange between West and East. Apart from the two authors of Monografia, the European travelers and missionaries, especially the Jesuits, also made a great contribution to the cultural exchange between the two worlds. Keywords: Monografia de Macau; The view of the Portuguese; Macau; 18 th Century; Cultural exchange

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Tan, Yuan


Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Department of Portuguese




Portuguese -- Macau -- 16th century

Portuguese -- China -- History

Macau -- History


Seabra, Leonor

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