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The impact of parenting style, school climate and self-esteem on teenagers with school refusal behavior

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Research on school-refusal behavior has drawn increasing attention in recent years. Researchers have found that school-refusal behavior is not only associated with many negative outcomes but also linked to juvenile delinquency. Although research on such behavior has increased tremendously, nearly none of it has been done in Macau. People in Macau can only resort to the official data if they want to obtain information about students who refuse to go to school. However, these limited official data do not reveal the school environment and home context of school-refusal students, so people are not able to know the mindset of these students. In order to understand these learners’ school environment and home context, this study will test the impact of parenting style and the mediating effect of perceived school climate and self-esteem on students’ school-refusal behavior. In addition, since school-refusal behavior has been found to be related to juvenile delinquency, this study will examine social control theory as its theoretical framework. This research proposal will use a self-reported questionnaire to survey 400 students: half are regular students (control group) and the other half are school-refusal students (experimental group). The research will compare the different impact of parenting styles, perceived school climate, self-esteem, and social control theory on regular students and experimental students with school-refusal behaviors. Through this research, one can depict a more nuanced picture concerning school-refusal students in Macau and come up with better ways to prevent school-refusal behaviors in the future.

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Sun, Chit Iam


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Sociology




School phobia

Separation anxiety in adolescence


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