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運動教育模式應用於高中體育教學之行動研究 : 以三人籃球賽為例

English Abstract

Abstract Action research was adopted in this study, aimed at seeking better teaching strategies in Sports Education Model in high school physical education through the researcher refection and participation and the reactions of students; researcher, moreover, integrated theory and practice into the teaching process. Also, with the help of action research, researcher was expected to enrich the knowledge of teaching in Sports Education Model; and thus, forming personal reflection and professional growth. The participants are all form senior one of a high school,49 boys and 10 girls, 29 people in total; mean aged 16 years old. Action research cycles contained three stages and data were collected-by teaching logs; observer record sheets;-video observation; student logs; and targeted group interviews. Study results showed that in the application of Sports Education Model into the curriculum of 3x3 Basketball Game, the method of “Game replaced Teach” can fully apply; second, the team was expected to become a group-and-had_a better understanding of the game of 3x3 basketball; third, researcher, who is also the teacher, can have professional growth and enhanced the problem solving skills. To conclude, this study recommended all the primary and secondary schools in Macau should promote the Sports Education Model; and hence to stimulate students’ learning motivation and creativity. In a further study, this study suggested the school to adjust the rules of the games and adopt in different sports, so students actively participate in the game. Keywords: Action Research, Sports Education Model, High School PE Teaching, 3x3 Basketball Game

Chinese Abstract

摘要 本研究採用行動研究法,在高中體育課實施運動教育模式的過程中,探討研究者以及學生的教學反思及其參與反應,期望通過不斷的反思與改進,能夠探求實施運動教學模式的教學策略;研究者結合理論與實務的行動過程,並藉由參與行動研究,豐富教學者對運動教育模式實施經驗,促進教學者的反思與專業成長。研究參與者為某中學的高一年級學生,共29人,男生19人,女生10人,該班學生年齡為平均16歲,進行三個階段的行動方案,蒐集資料的方式有教學日誌、觀察員記錄表、錄像觀察、學生日誌、團體焦點訪談等。研究結果發現:一、運動教育模式三人籃球賽高中課程以行動方案實施過程,能全面拓展「以賽代教」學習方式;二、學生由隊伍走向團體,對三人籃球賽有全面的認知;三、研究者兼教師可以從行動研究中提升教師專業,增強解決問題的能力。 建議本澳各中、小學校的體育課推廣運動教育模式,給予學生對運動全面理解和自主發揮空間,激發學生的興趣和創造力。在後續的研究中,建議因應學校課程發展各項運動教育模式課程,在規則上作出調整,使學生更容易投入比賽。 關鍵詞:行動研究、運動教育模式、高中體育教學、三人籃球賽

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Faculty of Education




Physical education and training -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Macau -- Case studies

體育教育及訓練 -- 學習及教學 (高中) -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Basketball -- Coaching

籃球 (體育) -- 教授體育



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