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relationship between adult attachment styles and general mental health :the mediation effect of self-esteem in Chinese context

English Abstract

As an increasing recognition and concern about mental health in adults, identifying the factors that lead to mental health is receiving more and more attentions. Prior research has documented that adult attachment styles may be a risk factor for depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms in Western. Little was known in previous studies about the relationship between adult attachment and general mental health in China. The research of underlying mechanism between adult attachment and mental health is also limited. The present study is aimed to examine (1) the relationship between adult attachment and general mental health in China; and (2) the mediating effect of self-esteem between adult attachment and general mental health in Chinese context. The sample included 305 Chinese urban students and they filled questionnaire about their adult attachment styles, self-esteem and general mental health. Structure equation modeling was used to test hypotheses. Results showed that (1) both insecure (avoidant and anxious) attachment were significant associated with general mental health problems; (2) self-esteem fully mediated the relation between anxious attachment and general mental health problems; and (3) self-esteem partially mediated the relation between avoidant attachment and general mental health problems. Findings are interpreted based on Chinese cultural features.

Chinese Abstract

隨著人們對成人心裡健康認識和關注的增加,研究導致心裡健康的原因受 到越來越多的注意。前人研究已經證實了成人依戀類型在西方可能是導致抑鬱, 焦慮,PTSD 等症狀的危險因素。而關於中國成人依戀與整體心理健康的關係研 究非常少。並且成人依戀與心理健康之前的作用機制研究也非常有限。當前的 研究主要著眼于:(1)在中國成人依戀與心理健康之間的關係;(2)自尊作為 中介在成人依戀與心理健康之間的關係。有 305 名中國大陸城市地區的大學生 參與了問卷調查,問卷包括成人依戀類型,自尊和心理健康。結構方程模型方 法來用作檢驗假設。結果顯示:(1)兩種不安全依戀類型(焦慮和迴避)與低 心理健康顯著相關;(2)自尊完全中介焦慮依戀與心理健康之間的關係;(3) 自尊部分中介迴避依戀與心理健康之間的關係。我嘗試基於中國的文化特征來 解釋這些發現。

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Gao, Xu


Faculty of Education




Attachment behavior

Adulthood -- Psychological aspects

Educational Psychology -- Faculty of Education



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