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走出象牙塔 : 免費師範生入職適應研究 : 以餘幹縣8名免費師範生教師為例

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This study is about the adaptability of graduates of normal universities under the freetuition scheme. The research employs semi-structured interviews of 8 teacher informants who are recent graduates from the free-tuition scheme and subsequently employed in secondary schools in Yugan County, Jiangxi Province. The research aims to provide a general knowledge of the job transition and adaptation of recent graduates of this policy scheme and illustrate the difficulties novice teachers may face at the beginning of their career. The study also highlights the reasons why those problems appeared and makes suggestions of professional development to these teachers. The main findings are as follows: Regarding the difficulties the new teachers face in adapting to a new work life, the study found some new points in addition to “Maladjustment of teaching work”, “Maladjustment of interpersonal relations” and “Maladjustment of values” which have been mentioned by other researchers: “Pressure from the working system”, “Maladjustment of social customs” and “Burden of the university’s reputation”. Regarding the reasons that gave rise to these problems, the study found that in addition to “factors of external environment”, “factors of individual’s quality and experience”, which the researcher summarized from a number of documents, there are some new factors: “factors of policy”, “factor of family” and “factor of comparative mentality”. Regarding proposed solutions to these problems and to the Free-Tuition Policy Scheme, the researcher proposed some suggestions from 5 aspects, based on some vi documents and the interviews with 8 interviewers. In addition, the study found that the career planning of most of the 8 interviewers is still to remain in the teaching profession.

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Student teachers -- China -- Chiang Hsi Province -- Case studies

學生教師 -- 中國 -- 江西省 -- 個案研究

First year teachers -- In-service training -- China -- Chiang Hsi Province -- Case studies

新入職教師 -- 在職培訓 -- 中國 -- 江西省 -- 個案研究



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