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澳門中二學生作文病句探討 : 以澳門一所學校為例

English Abstract

This study aims to analyze the errors made in 8th grade students’ Chinese compositions in a Macao junior high school, including the inappropriate usage of phrases, syntactical errors, misleading expression of meanings, and overuse of spoken expressions. This study collected 423 compositions from 141 student.. Among the errors in collected students’ compositions, 2,917 erroneous sentences in the students’ essays were found. The four kinds of errors that appeared most are selecting the wrong phrases, making up 32.4 % of the errors. The next highest ranking of the errors is almost 25.7 % in the expression of meanings. Syntactical errors rank third rank at 22.6 %. Finally dialect abuse with 19.3 % of the errors. Some suggestions and advice are from the author: According to the result of the research, some aspects in Chinese teaching should be firstly focused on promoting reading to cultivate rich knowledge and skills in Chinese writing; secondly, grammar teaching should be strengthened, involved in routine reading teaching. The third point is to emphasize the contrast between Cantonese and Mandarin to avoid misuse of spoken expressions in writing. What’s more, we can enhance the correction of the writing errors to improve the language competence via some techniques of self-evaluation and peer-response. As for researchers, the author’s suggestion is that more schools should be placed in the study to have a more rounded analysis; for another, wrongly written and incorrect usage of punctuations should be included in types of erroneous sentences. Moreover, certain ratio connections could be discussed between the number of erroneous sentences and grades of Chinese course.

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Chinese language -- Sentences

漢語 -- 句子

Chinese language -- Errors of usage

漢語 -- 錯誤用法

Chinese language -- Study and teaching (Middle School) -- Macau

漢語 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 澳門



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