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超現實表現手法在社區取向的藝術教育中的應用之研究 : 以澳門一中學初中三學生為研究對象

English Abstract

This paper explores the feasibility of community-based integrated art curriculum in Macau through the artistic techniques of surrealism. In the sixties and the seventies of last century, Macau’s economy was mainly supported by the of firecrackers, matches and incense. After Macau’s handover to China, the traditional industries declined while the gambling industry has flourished. While bringing in economic prosperity, Macao has gradually become materialistic. The youth have become indifferent to the community culture. As a former Art teacher in a high school, the researcher found that some schools in Macau pay little attention to students’ development in community-based art education. In order to raise the Students’ awareness towards the community, this research, with some junior third grade students as subject targets, explores a set of community-based art curriculum by applying some surrealist representation techniques so as to improve their awareness and care to the community. This study explores and analyzes the relevant research literature, community art theory and some artistic techniques of surrealism. With these analyses, the researcher has designed a series of teaching material referencing community -orientation and surrealism. It aims to raise students’ awareness towards the community they live in, and to guide students in applying the artistic techniques of surrealism so as to develop some community-oriented art creation. By observing, recording and investigating the work created by the students, and analyzing their feedbacks in questionnaires, it is found that community-based integrated art curriculum is indeed beneficial to the students for raising their awareness and care to the community. It is also found that the application of the artistic techniques of surrealism in community-oriented art education has enhanced their abundant artistic IV creativity. This study is a preliminary experiment. A more well-designed program and a longer study time are required if the students are expected to deeply understand community-based art education and to use the artistic techniques of surrealism to create interesting work to address to the community. Keywords: Macau, junior high school students, community, community-oriented, art education, surrealist representation techniques

Chinese Abstract

本論文透過超現實主義中的一些表現手法,探討在澳門以社區取向的藝術 教育的可行性。上世紀六、七十年代,澳門的經濟命脈以爆竹、火柴和神香手 工業為主;回歸後,傳統工業衰落,博彩業興盛。經濟繁榮的背後,澳門的純 樸漸走向物質主義,年青人對社區文化漠不關心。本研究員曾作為中學藝術科 老師,感覺一些澳門學校都不大重視學生在社區取向藝術的發展。就上述觀察, 為了提高中學生關心社區,本研究以一班中學初三年級學生為教學實施對象, 針對澳門社區文化環境,研發一套以超現實主義表現手法在社區取向藝術應用 的教學課程。 本研究探討和分析相關研究文獻、社區藝術理論、超現實主義中的表現手 法等材料,按以上依據設計一系列以社區取向藝術和超現實表現手法為主軸的 研究教學內容。透過研究者所設計的課程,希望喚醒學生對生活中社區的關注, 並引導學生運用一些超現實主義表現手法發展相關的社區取向藝術創作。通過 觀察、紀錄、檢核研究對象的創作品,和對研究對象在問卷調查對課程回饋的 分析,發現社區取向的藝術課程有助提高中學生對社區的認知與關心,以及發 現運用超現實表現手法進行社區取向的藝術教學,能激發學生豐富的想像力和 創意思維。本研究只是一項初步實驗嘗試;要讓學生更深入了解社區藝術教育 的意義與內涵,或以超現實表現手法發展更有趣的藝術創作,對社區作出回響, 是需要更仔細的課程設計和長時間的學習的。

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Art -- Study and teaching (Middle School) -- Macau -- Case studies

美術 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初中) -- 澳門 -- 個案研究



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