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澳台兩地高中三年級學生生活滿意度, 自我概念落差與憂鬱情緒之研究

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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the satisfaction with life, self discrepancy and depressive mood of Form Six students in Taiwan and Macau. Methods: A cross-sectional design was adopted and structured questionnaires were used for data collection. Purposeful sampling was employed and selected 292 Form Six students (159in Macau and 133 in Taiwan). Data were collected collectively right after the morning rally, and the response rate was 100%. The data were analyzed by One-way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation and multiple regression. Results: (a) Life satidfaction(LS) level of subjects was moderate, and the difference on family economic status was statistically significant. (b) Values of both ”actual/ought self discrepancy”(AOSD) and “actual/ideal self discrepancy” (AISD) were positive which indicated subjects believed they had not satisfied significant others’ expectation and they wish themselves to be better than current situation. (c) The difference of AOSD on family economic status was statistically significant. (d) The differences of the AISD on area, gender and economic status were statistically significant. (e) Depressive mood(DM) classification of subjects were: 50% (n=146) under “self-relieve cluster, among them Macau 63persons(39.6%) and Taiwan 83persons(62.4%)”; 29.8% (n=87) were “need-care cluster”, Macau vi 58persons (36.5%) and Taiwan 29persons(21.8%) ; and 20.2% (n=59) were ”high-risk cluster”, Macau 38persons (23.9%) and Taiwan 21persons (15.8%). The differences of DM on area, gender, family economic status and religious belief were statistically significant. (f)LS was significantly negatively correlated with AOSD, AISD, and DM. (g) LS had significant direct impact on AISD, AOSD, and DM. AISD also had significant direct impact on DM. But the direct impact of AOSD on DM was not statistically significant. Besides of direct impact, the indirect effect of LS on MD moderated by AISD was statistically significant. Conclusion: LS as well as AISD were significant predictors of adolescents’ MD

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High school students -- Macau -- Psychology

高中學生 -- 澳門 -- 心理

High school students -- Taiwan -- Psychology

高中學生 -- 台灣 -- 心理

Depression in adolescence -- Macau

少年的抑鬱症 -- 澳門

Depression in adolescence -- Taiwan

少年的抑鬱症 -- 台灣



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