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教科書性別意識型態 : 以內地與香港初一語文教科書為例

English Abstract

In this research , the analytic samples are Chinese language textbooks of Grade 7 from Ren Jiao and Qi Si versions. The analytic criteria consist of four categories: Invisibility, Stereotype, Imbalance, and Linguistic Bias. The gender ideology of the textbooks being examined, categorized and analyzed with these criteria, and the results are as follows: 1. “Invisibility” still exists in both versions: (1) The quantitative proportions of female authors ( illustrations) remain far below those of male authors. (2) The quantitative proportions of female leading roles ( illustrations) remain far below those of male leading roles. 2. Gender stereotypes still remains in both versions: (1) Feminine traits are dominant in female characters ,while Masculine traits in male characters. (2) The concepts of “Men are the breadwinners and women are the homemakers” are still presented in terms of professional role and household work division. 3. An imbalance of presenting men’s point of view only still exists in both versions: The quantitative proportions of outstanding figures between men and women is out-of-balance, and the description of them remains gender differences. 4. Language bias does not exist in both versions. Thus, based on the conclusion above, this study provides some recommendations as follows: 1. Increase the number of articles by female and modern writers, some examples of outstanding women, and a variety of illustrations on the division between man and woman. 2. Teachers need to nurture their own gender consciousness and sensitivity to gender issues, and try to invite students to talk about the issues for cultivating their gender iv awareness. 3. Interviews and questionnaires could be included in the research field and researchers could make a comparison by using other textbooks.

Chinese Abstract

本研究以內地人教版與香港啟思版的初一語文教科書為例,採用內容分析 法,以「隱藏不見」、「刻板印象」、「偏差失衡」,與「語言偏見」等四個 主類目對教科書課文及課文插圖進行檢視,探討教科書中性別意識型態的呈現 情形。所得研究發現如下: 一、兩個版本初一語文教科書仍存在明顯的隱藏不見的狀況:(一)課文女性作 者及其插圖的數量比例皆遠低於男性作者;(二)課文女性主角及其插圖的 數量比例皆遠低於男性主角。 二、兩個版本初一語文教科書仍存在較為明顯的性別刻板印象:(一)女性角 色仍偏向刻板的女性化特質,男性角色仍偏向刻板的男性化特質;(二) 在職業角色,家務分工方面仍呈現出「男主外,女主內」的刻板印象。 三、兩個版本初一語文教科書仍存在只呈現單一性別觀點的偏差失衡狀況:仍 偏向以男性為楷模;對傑出人物的描述存在性別差異。 四、並無語言偏見存在 針對研究發現,本研究提出下列建議:一、增加女性作者、現代作家的作 品;增加現代傑出女性示例;增加呈現多樣化男女角色與分工的插圖。二、教 師培養自身的性別意識,提升對性別議題的敏感度;引導學生思考性別議題, 培養學生的性別平等意識。三、將未檢視部分或其餘冊次納入研究範圍;選取 內地與香港其他版本教科書進行分析,加入訪談或問卷調查。

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Gender identity


Sex differences


Chinese language -- Textbooks (Middle School) -- China

漢語 -- 課本 (高級小學至初中) -- 中國

Chinese language -- Textbooks (Middle School) -- Hong Kong

漢語 -- 課本 (高級小學至初中) -- 香港

Chinese language -- Study and teaching (Middle School) -- China

漢語 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 中國

Chinese language -- Study and teaching (Middle School) -- Hong Kong

漢語 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 香港



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