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Enhancement of lipid production from distillery wastewater by metal ions supplementation using Rhodosporidium Toruloides

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Enhancement of Lipid Production from Distillery Wastewater by Metal Ions Supplementation Using Rhodosporidium Toruloides by Tian Yuan (Viona) Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Hojae Shim Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering The current study aims to investigate the effects of sodium and magnesium ions on biolipid production from real distillery wastewater. Relatively higher removal efficiencies for chemical oxygen demand (COD), total nitrogen (TN), and total phosphorus (TP) were obtained when sodium chloride was supplemented at 100 mg/L (84.06±0.89%, 53.74±3.03%, and 80.00±0.48%, respectively) and 500 mg/L (84.04±0.35%, 56.02±0.95%, and 76.95±0.00%, respectively) under the conditions of dilution factor 2, initial COD 12,250 mg/L, and cultivation time of 5 days. The highest biomass production (7.25±0.09 g/L) and lipid content (31.09±0.30%) were achieved on day 4 after the addition of 500 mg/L sodium chloride. For magnesium, the highest removal efficiencies for COD, TN, and TP were 90.32±1.70%, 51.52±1.83%, and 79.82±2.11%, respectively, on the conditions of dilution factor 2.5, initial COD 20,290 mg/L, 1,500 mg MgCl2/L addition, and cultivation time of 4 days. The highest biomass (6.56±0.14 g/L), lipid yield (2.57±0.34 g/L), lipid content (39.06±4.35%) were observed at 1,000 mg MgCl2/L addition under the same conditions. Supplementation of 500 mg NaCl/L IV and 1,000 mg MgCl2/L were recommended to enhance microbial growth and to improve lipid productivity and wastewater treatment efficiency.

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Tian, Yuan


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering




Water -- Purification -- Biological treatment


Shim, Hojae

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