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單方允諾之債研究 = The study on the unilateral promises of debt

English Abstract

Unilateral promise of debt is an important meaning prescribed debt. But now an academic study of unilateral promises of debt apparently does not match their status, and there is a lot of controversy. Legislative and theoretical study of unilateral promises of debt are scarce. Study unilateral promises of debt facing theoretically does not pay attention, judicial application confusion, lack of legislation on the issue. Lack of judicial practice theory makes no adequate and reliable support, This system can not be standardized and improved legislation; Judicial Application of chaos increases the difficulty of theoretical research and legislation to make scientific and reasonable provisions. Lack of legislation to make theoretical research without proper research base, more so the lack of legal basis for judicial practice. To build a sound debt law system, problem-solving theory, legislation and judicial practice experience, it is necessary for the system of unilateral promises of debt research to ascertain its true face, and summarizes judicial practice of unilateral promises of debt to law theory to supplement and improve our debt, and to build a sound debt law system in the future when our Civil Code. In this paper, comparative law research methods and empirical analysis, the first of the unilateral nature of the promised debt definition, effect, typed analyzed, combined logical system existing judicial practice and existing debt law, combined with the existing law of obligations logical system of unilateral promises of debt in the judicial practice type of analysis, so as to achieve the purpose of debt enrich our theory of the unilateral promise.

Chinese Abstract

單方允諾之債是重要的意定之債,但是目前學理上對單方允諾之債的研究顯 然與其地位不相匹配,且存在許多爭議。我國的單方允諾之債的立法及理論研究 十分缺乏。單方允諾之債的研究面臨理論上不重視、司法適用中混亂、立法上缺 失的問題。理論研究的不足使司法實踐沒有充足和可靠的支撐,立法上也無法對 此制度進行規範與完善;司法適用中的混亂增加了理論研究和立法作出科學、合 理的規定的困難;立法的缺失使理論研究沒有合適的研究基礎,更使司法實踐缺 乏法律依據。為構建完善的債法體系,解決理論、司法實務及立法中遇到的問題, 有必要對單方允諾之債制度進行研究以探明其真實面目,並總結司法實踐中的單 方允諾之債,以補充和完善我國的債法理論。本文採用比較法學研究方法和實證 分析法,對單方允諾之債的性質界定、效力、類型化進行分析,同時結合現有債 法的邏輯體系對單方允諾之債的在司法實踐中的類型進行分析,從而達到豐富我 國單方允諾之債理論研究的目的。

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Obligations (Law) -- China

債 (法律) -- 中國

Contracts -- China

合約 -- 中國



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