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夫妻共有房產無權處分問題研究 = Research on unauthorized dispose the matrimonial joint housing

English Abstract

With the continuous development of our country's economy, the real estate has become one of the most important industriesin China,related transaction has become increasingly frequent.Have no right to dispose as a common phenomenon in market transactions, is also very common in the housing trades,especially in the matrimonial joint housing trades,the existing theory controversy and practical disputes increasing,research matrimonial joint housing property right disposition problem not only has profound theoretical significance, but also has great practical significance.On the problem of have no right to dispose the matrimonial joint housing,our current legislation is not comprehensive enough,and theorists on many of these issues have not reached consensus,this gives the trial court brought a series of problems. This paper focuses on the period of marriage, the spouse has no right disposition contract total property and property rights issues change,in determining the basic concept, based on the recommendations put forward by comparison with other countries and regions, together with the present situation of our country puts forward related suggestions.In order to find common paths and modes of trial proceedings in such cases, and advantageous for the judicial easy to find for different merits common entry point for guiding action and referee. The first part of the article provides analysis and research on typical cases of have no right to dispose the matrimonial joint housing,summary the disputes in the practice and the different views in theory,and then, introduce the aim and significance of this article;The second part of the article is an overview,the author focus on give a brief introduction of basic theories,including the concept, the legal characteristics, and the legal nature of the matrimonial joint housing,determine IV its scope, clear its principle,lay the foundation for later theory analysis;The third part of the article carry on theoretical analysis around the rechtsfolge of during the periodof marriage,husband or wife have no right to dispose the matrimonial joint housing problem,that is the validity of the contract and the change of real right.First of all,determine the nature of the behavior,after that,combination with relevant legislation and theory to determine the behavior rechtsfolge.Finally, comparing with other countries, and find out the deficiency of the current system in our country, draw lessons from other countries' experience in effective;The fourth part of the article gives some pertinent suggestions.Such as the protection of the domanpartner owner of community property,and establish the compensation system of infringing upon the right during the marriage,strengthen and perfect the system of real property registration.For another,put forward Suggestions for the perfection of good faith system standards.Finally,pay attention to prevent both spouses go back or malicious collusion, prevent them use of bona fide acquisition damage the interests of a third party.

Chinese Abstract

随着我国经济的不断发展,房地产业作为国民经济的支柱产业,相关交易日 趋频繁。无权处分作为市场买卖交易中的常见现象,在房屋交易中也十分普遍, 尤其是在夫妻共同共有房产的无权处分问题上,现有理论争议和实践纠纷不断增 多,研究夫妻共同共有房产无权处分问题不仅具有深刻的理论意义,也具有重大 的现实意义。在夫妻无权处分共同共有房产问题上,我国当前相关立法不够全面, 理论界对其中许多问题也没有达成一致看法,给法院审判带来了一系列问题。 本文拟重点分析夫妻一方无权处分共有房产的合同效力和物权变动问题,在 确定基本概念的基础上,通过与其他国家、地区的对比,结合我国现状提出相关 建议,以期找到该类案件的常用诉讼路径和审判模式,便于审判机关针对不同的 案情找到共同的切入点引导诉讼并进行裁判。 文章第一部分通过对夫妻一方无权处分共有房产的典型案例进行研究,总结 审判实务中此类案件的争议焦点以及理论上的不同观点,阐述本文的研究意义和 研究目的;文章第二部分概述,重点介绍本文涉及的基本概念,包括夫妻共有房 产的概念、性质、特征,确定夫妻共有房产的范围,明确夫妻共有房产的处分原 则等;文章第三部分围绕夫妻无权处分共有房产的法效果,即合同效力和物权变 动法效果进行理论分析。本文首先对夫妻一方未经对方同意处分共有房产的行为 性质定性,然后结合我国相关理论和立法,对该行为法效果进行确定。最后,与 其他各国进行比较借鉴他国有效经验;文章第四部分完善建议,即在前文的理论 基础之上,对之前提到的我国的不足之处提出完善建议。比如对“隐名共有人” 的保护,考虑建立婚内损害赔偿制度,加强和完善不动产物权登记制度。此外, 提出对善意取得制度认定标准的完善建议。最后,注意防止夫妻双方反悔卖房或 者恶意串通,利用善意取得制度损害第三人利益。

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Marital property


Marital property -- China

婚姻財產及其法規 -- 中國



Contracts -- China

合約 -- 中國

Adverse possession


Adverse possession -- China

逆權侵佔 -- 中國



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