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強姦罪若干問題研究 = Research on the crime of rape

English Abstract

With the development of era,people's attitude towards sex and sexual behavior pattern have been diversifying,accordingly has changed the concept of the crime of rape.Although China’s criminal legislation on sexual crimes has been revised to some extent,it still has not completely met the bilateral demands of fighting crime and protecting human rights,which has caused lots of debates both in theory and practice. This paper will discuss the controversial issues on victims'consent, the subject,object and form of the crime of rape,and rape of minors,by means of a comparative study of legislation,an analytical study on cases,and data analysis,etc.And then the author will present his suggestions on the amendment of legislation of rape crime combined with conditions in China. This thesis includes following three chapters.The first chapter focuses on the issue of victims'consent.First of all,several opinions about the essential characteristics of the crime of rape in theory will be introduced and discussed,demonstrating the argument that“without victims'consent”is the essential characteristic of rape crime.Then,victims'ability of declaration of consent in the crime of rape will be discussed,mainly focuses on whether the juveniles,the people with mental disability,and the intoxicated person have an ability to make a consent on sexual behaviors.In the third section of the first chapter,several circumstances where victims'consent is not valid will be discussed,including the consent under coercive means,or with cognitive mistakes.The fourth section analyzes the change of victims’will,including changes of contents of the consent,midway withdrawals of the consent,the post approval and disapproval,by means of real case studies to sufficiently demonstrate the author’s opinions.The final section of this chapter makes a comment on the the evolution of the standard to judge whether there is a consent.Based on the comment,the author will comes up with his own opinion on which standard should be adopted according with the condition in China nowadays and concrete cases in practice. The second chapter discusses the subject,object and form of rape crime.Firstly the legislation related to the subject,object and form of rape crime in the mainland of China as well as in other jurisdictions will be discussed,so as to sum up the trend of development of the legislation.Then,the author will demonstrate his opinion that the cognizance about the subject,object and form of the rape crime should be derestricted.In the last section of this part,suggestions on the amendments of legislation will be presented. The third chapter focuses on the issues related to the rape crime of minors,which is divided into three sections.The first section will demonstrate why the crime for raping underage girls should be independently regulated under the accusation of“the crime of raping children”.The second section is about advantages and disadvantages of applying strict responsibilities to identify crimes related to raping underage girls.The third section is to discuss which standard should be adopted for accomplished the crime of raping underage girls and the according reasons.

Chinese Abstract

时代的发展导致人们性观念、性行为方式多样化,强奸罪也相应演变。中国 相关性犯罪的刑事立法虽有改变,但未能完全适应打击犯罪和保障人权的要求, 导致在理论上、司法实践上出现诸多争议。 本文通过强奸罪的立法比较研究,案例分析研究,数据分析等方法对被害人 同意问题,强奸罪的主体、对象、形式问题及奸淫幼女犯罪问题展开探讨;同时 结合中国国情,提出关于强奸罪的法律修改建议。本文共分为三章: 第一章强奸罪的被害人同意问题研究。首先评述了理论界关于强奸罪本质特 征的几种观点,论述了为何“被害人不同意”是强奸罪的本质特征。其次探讨了 强奸罪中被害人同意能力问题。主要研究了未成年人、智障者、醉酒者是否具备 性行为的同意能力。第三点讨论了强奸罪中被害人同意无效的几种情况,包括暴 力、胁迫下的同意,认识错误下的同意。第四点研究了被害人同意的改变,包括 同意内容的改变、同意的中途撤回、事后同意以及事后“不同意”的情况,均结 合实践中发生的案例进行了充分的讨论并提出了自己的观点。最后评述了强奸罪 同意标准在历史上的演进过程,再提出本文观点,认为应结合本国国情和具体案 情来采纳不同的同意标准。 第二章讨论的是强奸罪的主体、对象和形式。先后对中国内地及世界其他法 域对于强奸罪的主体、对象、形式的法律进行评述,概括其立法的变化及趋势。 再阐述了为何要取消对强奸罪的主体对象及形式的限制。最后提出法律修改建 议。 第三章的主题是奸淫幼女犯罪的相关问题。主要分为三部分:一是有必要单 列奸淫幼女罪名并改名为“奸淫儿童罪”;二是在认定奸淫幼女相关犯罪中适用 严格责任的利与弊;三是讨论了奸淫幼女犯罪应当采取何种既遂标准及理由。

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Rape -- China

強姦 -- 中國

Sex crimes -- China

性罪行 -- 中國



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