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Under the pluralistic statism : the role of commercial newspapers and Internet on China's foreign policy making since the end of the 1990s

English Abstract

With more and more studies observing the emergence of the commercialized newspapers and Internet and their influence on Chinese foreign policy, this study focuses on the question: what influence have the commercialized newspapers and Internet brought to Chinese foreign policy making and how? This dissertation develops the concept of “pluralistic statism” as China’s structure of state-society relations related to foreign policy making to analyze the influence of China’s commercial newspapers and Internet on the Chinese foreign policy formulation, and tests this model in three cases: the 2001 EP-3 incident, the 2005 anti-Japanese protest against Japan’s United Nations Security Council Permanent Membership, the 2008 Sino-French rifts around the Tibet issue. This dissertation first discusses some key concepts and introduces three hypotheses to be tested in this study. The second chapter gives an overview of Chinese foreign policy making. The third chapter studies the emergence of the commercialized newspapers and the Internet as societal forces. The forth chapter studies China-US plane collision incident in 2001. The fifth chapter studies China’s reaction to Japan’s bid for UN security permanent member. The sixth chapter studies the friction between China and France around the Tibet issue. The conclusion discusses the features of public spheres formed by the commercial newspapers and Internet, and explores the implication and perspective for future work of this study.

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Hou, Ying


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Government and Public Administration




China -- Foreign relations -- 20th century

Press and politics -- China

Journalism -- Political aspects -- China

Internet -- Political aspects -- China


Hao, Yufan

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