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The role of China's cultural diplomacy with the Portuguese-speaking countries through three cases : Forum Macao, Confucius Institute, and AIIB

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With the development of economic globalization, the relations among countries have a huge change. China is changing to one of the main characters of the international system; China has put significant influences on the relations with developing countries. After the cold war, cultural diplomacy gradually becomes a tool of government's propaganda. It can carry forward the national culture and interests. On the current international situation, cultural diplomacy has become an important complement to the political, economic and military diplomacy. Since 1949, changing foreign policy for China, cultural diplomacy is one of the important pillars of Chinese diplomacy. Chinese cultural diplomacy focuses on people’s long-term communication and cultural understanding among the countries. It aims to improve the China’s international image to the world. In this paper, the author aims to strengthen the Chinese cultural diplomacy with the Portuguese-speaking countries brings more national interests to China. In the meanwhile, tries to explore the other scholars’ works of the relations among China, Macao, and the Portuguese-speaking countries from the perspectives of political, economy and culture. To uses theoretical framework and case studies to analyze the diplomacies and its implications. It explores the use of cultural diplomacy in the Forum Macao. Last, this paper will draw the conclusion on making a future prospect of Chinese’s cultural diplomacy and the relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries

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Jiang, Miao Lan


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Government and Public Administration




Cultural diplomacy -- China

Cultural diplomacy -- Portuguese-speaking countries

Portuguese-speaking countries -- Foreign relations -- China

China -- Foreign relations -- Portuguese-speaking countries


Chen, Ding Ding

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