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澳門反洗黑錢政策研究 = A study of anti-money laundering policy of Macao

English Abstract

Money laundering is the process of transforming, covering up and concealing the true nature and source of crime obtained by legitimate business channels in order to legalize the income of crime proceeds. In the past few years, money laundering activities in Macao is getting growth; the ways to launder money are also increasingly complicated so that getting difficult to be detected. It would be harmful on Macao’s economic system and financial order even making a negative impact on the international image of Macao. Therefore, it has become the vital issue for the Macau Government to address in the policy of anti-money laundering. In this thesis, document Analysis and in-depth interviewing methods are used to research the improvement on the policies of anti-money laundering in Macao is a must. First at all, to analyze those key ways of money laundering and its process which is certainly in risk of social stability in Macau based on the theory of bureaucracy. Second, to introduce the Max Weber's model for bureaucracy and few foreign scholars on the idea of bureaucracy; meanwhile, chosen Bozeman's Theory of Government “Red Tape” as a research foundation by comparison with those scholars. According to the development and current situation on anti-money laundering policies in Macao, summarizing the successful management experiences by the review of the international policies and management mechanisms on anti-money laundering as an example that Macao Government can learn from. At last, to interview the relevant personnel in certain industries (real estate, underground banks, commercial insurance, film production, high-priced jewelry) who involved in money laundering activities in order to identify the root cause of poor performance on AML issue due to "Red Tape". In conclusion, providing proposal on the implement of anti-money laundering policies as well as management mechanisms so to ensure the area of financial system and social order in Macao are both operating in normal.

Chinese Abstract

洗黑錢是指把犯罪獲得的收益,利用非法交易方式實現資金的流通、轉移, 掩飾其真實的來源與性質,以逃避法律的制裁,是一種把非法收益予以合法化的 違法行為。近年來,澳門洗黑錢狀況不容樂觀,洗黑錢途徑越趨複雜,手段更是 隱蔽多樣性,嚴重衝擊了澳門的經濟體系與金融秩序,損害了澳門的國際形象, 因此如何進一步完善澳門反洗黑錢的法律法規,彰顯反洗黑錢的績效就成為了當 下澳門政府的一項重要課題。 本文主要採用文獻分析法和深度訪談法對如何完善澳門反洗黑錢政策展開 研究與討論。首先,分析了澳門的洗黑錢背景後,本文從洗黑錢和官僚主義概念 出發,剖析了澳門的主要洗黑錢途徑及其過程,闡述了洗黑錢對社會產生的危害, 並提出了本文的論點。接著,介紹了韋伯官僚制理論以及國外學者對官僚制的主 張與觀點,通過對比分析法篩選出適合本文的研究基礎—伯滋曼「繁文縟節」理 論;與其他學者相比較之下,闡述其優勝之處,並通過中外文獻回顧提出了本研 究的創新點。然後,採用文獻分析法,回顧了國際社會的反洗黑錢政策與管理機 制,歸納了可以為澳門所借鑒的管理經驗,並剖析了澳門反洗黑錢政策的發展史 與行政管理現狀。最後,利用深度訪談法採訪了澳門部分行業(房地產、地下錢 莊、商業保險、電影製作、高價珠寶)參與洗黑錢的相關人員,並通過研究結果 作深入分析,指出了澳門反洗黑錢政策成效不顯著的根本原因--相關法規過於 5 「繁文縟節」,並針對澳門反洗黑錢政策在實際操作上的缺陷與不足,以及管理 機制上的弊端,提出了相應的建議,以期促進反洗黑錢法的進一步完善,確保澳 門金融體制和社會秩序的正常運作。

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Money laundering -- Macau -- Prevention

洗黑錢 -- 澳門 -- 預防



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