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English Abstract

With the further development of economic globalization, the fluidity of resources becomes an important characteristic of modern economy and specifically the flow of laborers is one of the essential components. In the new globalization era, in order to study the problem about immigrant laborers,the relationship with such elements as social cost, local employment, and economic structure should be well dealt with. The analysis of this thesis focuses on the immigrant laborers in Macao SAR. Since the 1980’s when continuous economic growth occurred , a dramatic increase of demand for labor forces led to an enormous flow-in of imported workers, contributing to further economic booming, but at the same time resulting in negative impacts. The immigrant laborers occupied local job opportunities, stagnated the salary increment, impeded the upgrading of industrial structure, and brought in new social problems. The problems is related to the irrationality, discontinuity, and injustice of the immigrant laborers policies. With the analysis on these policies since the 1980’s, it is found that the excessive discretionary power might have harmed the implementation of relevant labor policy; the deficiency of monitoring mechanism for labor importation influenced the interest of local workers; upgrading of industrial structure was hindered due to shortage of foresight and inability of coping the pace of economic development; the policies could not even protect the immigrant laborers’ legal right, and result in a negative impact on society. Finally, with respect to the current situation of immigrant laborers in Macao, the practical necessity for eco-social development and government's decision-making approaches, relevant policies suggestions on resolving problems above-mentioned are proposed, either theoretically or concretely.

Chinese Abstract

隨著經濟全球化的深入發展,資源的流動性是現代經濟的重要特徵,勞 動力資源的流動是其中一個重要組成部分。在全球化的新形勢下探討和處理 外地勞工的問題,應妥善處理好外勞與社會成本,外勞與本地就業、外勞與 經濟結構等各方面的關係。 本文主要分析了澳門地區的外地勞工問題。20 世紀 80 年代以來,隨著經 濟持續增長對勞動力的迫切需求,大量外勞進入澳門,為其經濟騰飛做出了 貢獻。但是同時也對澳門的經濟社會產生一些消極影響:擠佔本地勞動者就 業崗位、壓制本地工資增長、阻礙產業結構升級、帶來社會隱患等。 澳門外勞政策的不合理、不連續、不公正是澳門外勞問題的癥結所在, 本文通過對 80 年代以來澳門外勞政策的分析發現:澳門外勞政策的自由裁量 權過大,不利於政策的執行;輸入外勞的監管機制不完善,影響本地工人的 利益;政策制定缺乏前瞻性,不適應經濟發展的速度,不利於產業結構升 級;對外勞權益保護的不足,造成社會負面影響。 最後,針對澳門外勞的現狀、澳門經濟社會發展的現實需要、澳門政策 的決策方式,本文從原則性與措施性兩個方面提出了解決澳門外勞問題的相 關政策建議。

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Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Government and Public Administration




Foreign workers -- Government policy -- Macau

外籍勞工 -- 公共政策 -- 澳門


Wang Jianwei

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