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廣東省幼兒在校體育活動, 身體活動能力與熒屏時間的研究

English Abstract

Research purposes: Through a cross-sectional investigation of GuangDong province six kindergarten children's physical activity, movement capacity and screen time, the purpose of this study was to examine the characteristics and influencing factors of physical activity, movement capacity and screen time in preschoolers. Methods: 57 K2 preschoolers from four kindergartens Zhongshan and two kindergartens in Zhaoqing fifty-seven preschoolers were invited to participate in the present study. Physical activity were assessed by one week's heart rate and steps. Seven indices of physical fitness and Movement-ABC test were conducted while the time of watching TV and playing electronic products were measured by the self-made questionnaire, which were completed by preschoolers ' parents. Research results: The preschoolers in Zhongshan did more physical activity than those in Zhaoqing. The performances of balance beam and feet jump in Zhongshan were superior to those of in Zhaoqing. Boy had better results than girls in throwing baseball. Movement-ABC test is sensitive to reflect the differences in small muscle activity. Zhongshan's preschoolers and their parents watched less TV and used more electronics than those of Zhaoqing. Boys used more electronics longer than girls. City and gender were the two main factors in affecting preschoolers' screen time, while physical activity and movement capacity in school had few effects on the time of wating TV and playing iv electronics. Research conclusion: Development level of cities had different characteristics in physical activity in school, movement capacity of big muscle groups and screen time. Parents' watching TV and using electronics had a certain influence on children's screen time.

Chinese Abstract

研究目的:通過橫斷面調查廣東省六間幼稚園幼兒體能活動、身體活動能力及熒 屏時間,探討幼兒體能活動、身體活動能力及熒屏時間的特點及可能影響因素。 研究方法:以中山 4 間和肇慶 2 間幼稚園中班(K2)的 57 名幼童為研究對象, 調查了為期一週的在校體能活動。實地測量了幼童的七項體質指標及 Movement-ABC 測試,以自編問卷調查的形式調查幼童及其家長之看電視時間和 電子產品的使用時間。 研究結果: 中山幼童在校體育活動量多於肇慶幼童,中山城市走平衡木、雙腳連 續跳優於肇慶,男童小球擲遠好於女童,反映小肌肉群活動能力的指標相對不敏 感。中山幼童及家長看電視時間少於肇慶,使用電子產品時間少於多餘肇慶,男 童使用電子產品時間長於女童。城市和性別是影響幼童熒屏時間的主要因素,在 校體育活動及身體活動能力對看電視時間、電子產品使用和熒屏時間影響不大。 研究結論:不同發展水準的城市,幼稚園兒童在校體能活動量、大肌肉群的身體 活動能力和熒屏時間有所不同。家長看電視和使用電子產品的多寡,對子女熒屏 時間有一定影響。

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Physical education and training -- Study and teaching (Early childhood) -- China -- Kuang Tung Province

體育教育及訓練 -- 學習及教學 (嬰兒至初級小學) -- 中國 -- 廣東省

Exercise for children -- China -- Kuang Tung Province

兒童的體育鍛鍊 -- 中國 -- 廣東省



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