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English Abstract

This study reviewed the literature related to teachers’ professional development and explored how the school-based teacher professional training programs of private middle school were being implemented in Macau. It is hoped that this would enrich a better understanding of the issue. The study tried to understand the different views of Macau teachers from various background and examine the implementation difficulties and obstacles faced by schools in Macau. The study also made suggestions to policy makers, school administrators and the teachers. In this study, both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to collect data. A total of 390 questionnaires were issued, with 368 valid questionnaire collected, and an availability rate of 94.4%. As for the qualitative data, 17 teachers were interviewed. The major findings of this study included the following: 1. The details of different types of school-based teacher professional training in Macau schools were reported. 2. Different teachers expected and demanded teacher development programs with different types and contents to meet their own needs. 3. Overall, the implementation of these programs was perceived by teachers as satisfactory. There were significant variations in terms of gender, educational background, teaching duty, school size and school type. 4. Most of the interviewees reported that among the others, the most difficult obstacle affecting implementation of professional development activities was the short of time. Teachers found it difficult to spare time for professional development out of their busy teaching schedule. That is also one of the challenges faced by school administration.

Chinese Abstract

本研究對教師專業發展相關的文獻進行綜述,旨在探討澳門私立中學實施 校本教師專業培訓的情形,了解不同背景變項的教師對整體實施的體會,考究 學校面臨的困難和影響因素,並依據研究結論向教育部門、學校行政和教師提 出建議以供參考。基於以上的目的,本研究採用了量化和質性的方法收集資料, 合共發出 390 份問卷進行調查,回收了 368 份有效問卷,可用率達 94.4%。其 次,從受試者中抽取了 17 位教師進行訪談。經分析後,歸納出如下的研究發現: 一. 詳細報導了不同類型的學校實施校本教師專業培訓的現況。 二. 不同服務年資的教師對培訓型式和內容的期望與需求不同。 三. 總體而言,教師對實施校本教師專業培訓的知覺為中等以上的水平,不同 性別、學歷、教學職務、學校規模及學校類型的澳門私立中學教師對實施 培訓的知覺存在顯著差異。 四. 「時間不足」是實施培訓活動所面臨最嚴重的困難,教師表示很難從繁忙的 教學中騰出時間進行專業發展,這也是學校行政面對的挑戰之一。 關鍵詞:校本、教師專業發展、培訓

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Faculty of Education




High school teachers -- Training of -- Macau

高中教師 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門

High school teachers -- In-service training -- Macau

高中教師 -- 在職培訓 -- 澳門

Private schools -- Macau

私立學校 -- 澳門



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