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review of literature on the negative influences of violent entertainments on adolescents :recommendations for Macau

English Abstract

Due to the rapid growth of technology and increment in Macau residents’ income level, local people no matter the riches or commons are able to afford more entertainments. Among them, electronic game is remarkably successful in recent decades. Researchers have worked continuously to find out impacts associated with playing of electronic games, especially those with sensitive content such as violence depiction. Yet, research or literature in this area has not been done for Macau before. This paper tends to exhibit possible outcomes that violent electronic games can bring to the local territory, and structure a model for future researchers to find out and understand the causal factors. Literatures including news reports, previous researches, game rating systems in nearby districts, and local legislative system are reviewed. A research model is suggested for future investigation on the relationship between violent electronic games and local adolescents who possess different demographic characteristics and are under diversified game conditions. Before relevant local test result comes out, still some precautions can be done in order to generate a safer playground with joint forces of Macau government and the general public. Construction of a local rating system, as well as, update of legislative system enable provision of more information for game selection. These policies can also restrict the distribution of electronic games with sensitive content. Establishment of supporting unit provides a site for game addicts, their associated persons, or even the general public to seek help and advice from. Competent parenting, custodianship and schooling can strengthen the children’s social bond and help to deter their deviance at the very first stage. Workshops conducted by social workers in school can also enhance the educators’ and public’s knowledge on the impact of electronic games and its proper way of handling.

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Mui, Man Cheng


Faculty of Social Sciences




Violence in adolescence -- Macau

Juvenile delinquency -- Macau

Youth and violence -- Macau

Criminology -- Department of Sociology

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