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農村土地承包經營權流轉的法律問題研究 = Research on the circulation legal issues of the contracted management right of rural land

English Abstract

Since the implementation of the reform and open policies in 1978, China has made several remarkable achievements, especially the continuous development of economic strength, national strength and the people's living standards. Household contract responsibility system greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of Chinese farmers. However, it must be clear that the household contract responsibility system is still small-peasant economy. Although can adapt to the traditional intensive and meticulous farming mode and the modern mechanized farming mode, due to the small scale farming its anti-risk ability is weak, the agricultural income is still not high. From the perspective of modern agriculture, appropriate scale production is the inevitable development of modern agriculture. Farmers rely on land, care about land right and land is the core of the real estate right, while the real estate right is the core of the property right’s system. To develop the modern agriculture people should relay on the the transfer of land contract management right as the foundation. Therefore,this paper will discuss following issues around the circulation of land contract management right: In the introduction, the author will make a brief introduction about the circulation of land contract management right to carry out the issues. In the first part of the paper, the author makes an overview of the circulation of land contract management right from three aspects: the concept, the policy changing direction and the legal safeguard system, in order to have a comprehensive understanding of land contract and management right. In the second part, the author analyzes the current situation of the land contract and management right circulation in our country from the macroscopic view (whether people should completely relax the circulation of land contract 5 management right) and the angle of view (the specific circulation mode of land contract management right) and put forward relevant suggestions. In addition, the author also points out the problems in the registration of the land contract management right circulation. In the third part, the author makes a comparative study of the land transfer system in Rome law and foreign countries, and compares these with the current situation of our country. After that, the author suggests to learn their beneficial practices to improve the circulation of land contractual management right in our country. In the fourth part,the author first makes a response to the theory of “three rights division” and clarifies the relationship between the ownership of the collective land and the right to the contracted management of the land. And then, the author puts forward suggestions to improve the circulation of land contract management right from three aspects: establishing and improving the rural land’s secondary market, perfecting the registration system and perfecting the supervision and management system of the circulation of land contract management right.

Chinese Abstract

自 1978 年中国改革开放以来取得了举世瞩目的成就,经济水平 不断发展,国力不断增强,人民生活水平有了显著的提高。以家庭联 产承包责任制的统分结合的经济模式极大的调动了农民生产劳作的 积极性。然而,家庭联产承包责任制的实质上依然是小农经济,它虽 然既能适应传统的精耕细作模式,也是适应现代农业的机械化的耕作 方式,但是由于耕种规模小,使得其抗风险能力虚弱,农业性收入依 然不高。从现代农业发展的方向来看,适度规模生产是现代农业发展 的必然选择。农民依靠土地,珍视土地权利,而土地是不动产权利的 核心,不动产权利又是整个物权体系的核心。发展现代农业,需要依 靠土地承包经营权的流转来奠定基础。故文本围绕土地承包经营权的 流转主要探讨以下问题:在导论中,将土地承包经营权的流转做一个 简要的介绍以进行问题的提出。在正文中,在第一部分首先对土地承 包经营权的流转从其概念、政策变革导向以及法律保障体系等三方面 进行概述,以便对土地承包经营权有一个全面的了解。在第二部分, 对我国当前土地承包经营权流转进行一个现状分析,主要从学界角度 ——是否完全放开土地承包经营权的流转,以及实践角度——土地承 包经营权具体流转方式进行评析并提出相关完善意见。此外还指出土 地承包经营权流转中的登记暴露的问题。在第三部分中,对罗马法以 及外国部分国家的土地流转制度进行比较研究,并与我国现状相对比, 借鉴其有益做法以完善我国土地承包经营权的流转。在第四部分中, 首先对“三权分置”理论进行回应且厘清集体土地所有权与土地承包 经营权的关系,并从建立健全农村土地二级市场、完善登记制度、完 善土地承包经营权流转的监督管理体系三方面分别提出完善土地承 包经营权流转的建议。

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Land tenure -- Law and legislation -- China

土地佔有權 -- 法規 -- 中國

Farm tenancy -- China

農田及禽畜飼養場之租賃 -- 中國



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